Thursday, April 26, 2012

Family Day

I have to start this post with the best picture of probably the whole weekend.  We went to the mall Sunday afternoon and after not finding a dress for Little Katherine, we took a rest by the mall fountain. Katherine spotted these mannequins in the tuxedo shop.  She turned to me and said, "Let's go talk to those handsome men!"  There was no way that I was going to do that, but for some reason, Roey gave in and her and Katherine went to talk to these handsome men.  Well, I don't know what they said to the mannequins, but Katherine ran back to me, leaving Roey in what looks like a very awkward position.  We decided that Katherine isn't a very good wing-man, and Steve needs to start wearing more suits! Haha

We ate at Granite City for brunch, which I just love! Unfortunately, in North Dakota, you can't order alcohol until after 12pm on Sunday's, so no mimosas for us!

Joey called Bill's plate of food, "Mount Food-more."

We had gone to a karaoke bar the night before, for the bachelorette party, and one guy sang the Auctioneer Song by Leroy Vandyke. I was a little bit in awe (and compared to some of the other contestants, he sounded like Sinatra) and the next morning I was still thinking about it and still curious about auctioneers in general, so I had to do some research and Roey & I tried to do our best auctioneer's call at the park. Interesting fact, Dad met Leroy Vandyke in Germany while he was in the Army. What a coincidence!


Bill leaves it all on the playground!

Roey's Shower!

I flew to Fargo last Thursday night in anticipation of the "weekend of Roey." Since both her bridesmaid, Jyl, and I live in Denver, we thought scheduling both the shower & bachelorette party in one day/night could be a good idea.
On Friday, Roey worked, but I got to see some of my favorite Fargo places and we ate lunch at Hu-Hot, which I had been waiting for forever!
It was so fun to see all Roey's friends again, meet some new ones (Hi Erin!!) and see our family too!
Everybody was there to celebrate Roey and that just made me so happy!

I probably don't need to show you all of these pictures of cake pops, but I guess I will!  This was my best batch yet.  After the shower, I caught Joey stuffing them in his pockets, which was a pretty big compliment...maybe.

And here's a little sampling of some of the guests!

We played one game - Bridal Bingo! Each person got an empty bingo card and they were supposed to fill it in with gifts they think Roey would get.  Below is Katherine's bingo card.  She got quite a few crossed off - unfortunately, noone got Roey a kitten, so she couldn't cross that square off!
The 2nd activity was a Roey-themed coloring sheet.  I took one of the pictures of Roey in a random dress (not her wedding dress!) and turned it into a coloring sheet.  I bought a bunch of crayons and stickers and the kids went for it!

And here's a sampling of some of the sheets. Aren't they so cute?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lil Katherine

Hi!! I have so many photos from the weekend that I'm trying to get organized into an awesome post, but until then, here's some adorableness to hold you over.
I blogged about the doll I made Katherine for her birthday here. I wrapped it up, along with some finger puppets from Ikea.  When I was getting things for Roey's shower at the dollar store, I found a little finger puppet stage & snagged that up as well.
I thought Katherine would like the doll, but probably put it on a shelf and forget about it, but she fell in love and I melted (and wished I would've sewed her a little better).  She got Little Katherine (named by Katherine of course) a little "necklace" (bracelet) and we went to Children's Place so Roey could look for potential birthday gifts for Katherine and Katherine asked the lady where Little Katherine could get a dress.  We had to try newborn dresses on Little Katherine - they were a little too big!
Little Katherine wore the finger puppets and even got to play at the park.  Katherine got upset when Joey pushed Little Katherine too high on the swings, because she didn't want her to get hurt.
Then, I logged on to Facebook yesterday and saw this post from Jamie.  I probably should just quit making things, because nothing will compare to Little Katherine.

The finger puppets were a hit too! Katherine is explaining a scenario in which the "wrong bride is marrying the wrong groom." Then, Jamie posted this, which basically is the same thing.
I just love this little girl too much!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Must Make!

I have more than enough projects in the works right now, but I had to share a few things that have caught my eye lately.

This quilt is from the Blue is Bleu blog. I'm so in love with the color combination & the triangles remind me of one of my favorite pairs of shoes. I also love the black & white binding. So perfect.  I might have already looked up a pattern for it!

20120409 Triangle Quilt-3

The next blanket is from one of my favorite new blogs, Everyday Musings.  The colors are so random, but they just work together so well.  Beth sent me the link to this blanket, so I'm hoping she decides to make it!


I found this little project from the blog, Two Butterflies.  I feel like these buds are a cousin to the pom-pom.  I might give them a go one day.  I think they'd be good practice before I start trying to crochet little animals.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Black Apple Doll

I've been wanting to make Katherine a little doll for quite awhile and today, I finally did! Her birthday is coming up, so I'll wrap it up and hope she likes it.
I basically used this pattern from Black Apple on Martha Stewart's website.
The pattern needs to be enlarged to 150% for this project, but I didn't have the patience to wait and do that on a copier, so I just went for it.  The proportions are a little wacky, due to my free-handing, but she didn't turn out half bad.  This was so fun to make and only took a few hours. This pattern can be varied in so many ways and let's be honest, I'm a little jealous of her outfit! I know I'll be making more of these little cuties and I can count on Katherine to get me brutally honest feedback for the next round.

And then I took a photo of the doll + Oliver to show the scale and before I knew it, this happened. Watch him get completely defeated.  And then I realized we both needed to get out of the apartment, so we went to the park!  These pictures remind me of Buster + the sheep in one of my favorite shows, Arrested Development!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Band Alert: The Lumineers!

The Lumineers! I just heard about this band on Twitter yesterday and I'm already obsessed. Nine times out of 10, if a musician is wearing suspenders, I'm going to love them! The Lumineers are a folk trio from Denver.  Their first album just came out on the 3rd of April and I had to have it. It's so so good & I haven't stopped listening to it since.
You can hear a few songs streaming here, but here's one of my favorites!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

this & that

I'm going to mashup my week in one long post, random post!  

Manicures & frozen yogurt after a trip to the gym!
Lindsay, Kari & I at Alltaken's show at the Toad Tavern in Littleton.

Loren, Marie & I ate at Jabo's BBQ. I don't know if you can tell the scale, but the bun was the size of a real plate! I was so curious how they got such big buns, but they explained they worked with a baker to get a bun big enough for 1/4 lb of meat!  I got a jalapeno barbecue sauce, which was perfect.
Below are Marie's ribs!

The next are all of Oliver (don't act surprised!).  I gave in and bought a yearly pass to the dog park, so we've been trying to get my money's worth.
Yesterday, I stopped at A&W for a float afterwards and Oliver took it for the last drops.

The collage below is from a few weeks ago.  You can't watch little Sally swim without laughing. She can keep up with the best of the swimming dogs!

More Skirts!

A few weekends ago, Nicole & tackled some skirts! Well, actually, mine sort of tackled me, but we both have new skirts.  We used basically the same pattern as Beth & I did , but we used linen instead.
Mine resembles a pre-surgical hospital-type uniform, but I'm hoping to hem it up and see if it's a little more wearable! Nicole's turned out super cute and since this picture, she's cut it a little shorter as well.  I'll have to give an update post to see the finished products!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


For some reason, I really hate scheduling hair appointments - I couldn't explain it, until I stumped upon this: exhibit A. In 2001, when this email was written, I was 10 years old (or maybe 18 and a college freshman).
Yes, I'm a little helpless.  I actually did schedule a hair appointment today though, so I'm growing up!