Friday, March 2, 2012

This Week: Cake + Crafts

I had such a fun craft week.  Let me tell you about it!
On Wednesday, I went to a cake decorating party at Frills Cake Shop with Beth, Jaime and Gina.  It was so much fun. I think I got overwhelemed by everything we learned and my cake ended up a little wild, but at least I learned some techniques for future decorating endeavors.
The photo below is from Jaime's blog post about our night - you have to read it: Click here

Last night, I invited Beth over for some wine + cheese and crocheting.  I totally forgot I had wine though, and offered her milk instead.  Everyone knows milk is so good though!  Don't worry, we eventually had wine.
Anyway, Beth started a new beautiful blanket that I cannot wait for her to finish.  I worked on some wedding decor for Roey: Pom-Poms (actually they are called Pom-Pons, but you can use either spelling...I looked it up).  In the past few months, I have made some pretty horrible looking pom-poms, but I think I finally have the hang of it.  "Getting the hang of it" last night involved an accidental punch to the chest from Beth - I kept yelling at her to tie the knot tighter, the yarn snapped and her hand went flying (totally my fault).
As we already know, Oliver hates when yarn touches him. Last night he had finally had enough and we played tug of war with a tiny piece of yarn.

And this week was extra special because it was Robert B's birthday.
Happy Birthday Dad!

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