Saturday, March 10, 2012

Snooze & Skype..and Crafts

Happy Saturday! I actually woke up earlier today than I do on workdays, but it was totally worth it, because Nicole & I went to Snooze for breakfast! It was of course, so good, and our server even gave us the pancake of the day on the house - banana with blueberry & caramel topping! I love breakfast.
Afterwards, we went to the Sugar Plum Bazaar.  We went back in November, but it was a lot less crowded and there were some new vendors.  Last year at a different show, I bought this amazing red glass ring - I saw the same vendor today & I couldn't resist the rings this time either!
They're fused glass from Miss Olivia's Line.  Nicole got an amazing pair of red earrings from her too, so we left happy!

Tonight, I got to skype with the Olson's back home. Joey & Katherine love to climb all over each other, but once they implemented the one-at-a-time rule, all was well.
Joey's favorite sport is math - he wants to go to math camp & become a math-lete.  Katherine was wearing a dress that went down to her knees and she loved the Lorax movie.  Bill loves Corona...that is no news though.  I also learned some new jokes - such entertainers.

8 Eyes!!

I also started The Hunger Games series today.  Let's see if they're as good as everyone says.

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