Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Countdown of Pictures

I guess these pictures are backwards & I would lose my mind using Blogger to try and switch them, so let's just pretend this is a countdown from today to Friday!

On Saturday, Loren & I went to see The Pioneer Woman speak and sign her new cookbook (highly recommend!!).  First of all, it was such a far drive for both of us..at least 40 minutes and it took me another 10 to find parking.  Her presentation was cute, but then I realized that her signing line started at zero..and that I was number 684.  Loren & I got a chance to catch up forever, which was so great. Then we drooled over the recipes! Seriously, drooled. By that time, she had signed about 170 books & we had been there for almost 3 hours.  We went back & forth, but ultimately decided we could live with an unsigned cookbook!
I've seen so many authors, but to have over 700 people in line, boggles my mind.  I guess when food is involved. . .

About four years ago, I attempted to train Oliver to love his kennel (you can read about that here).  That lasted for awhile, but I gave up. I'm so obviously a premium dog trainer. Lately, I've been putting him in there whenever someone knocks on the door, just to make things easier.  So all of a sudden, totally out of the blue, he's started going in there again....expecting a treat, of course.  I was so confused by it all, so now he peeks out to make sure I see that he's in there and give him something!

Moving backwards, here's Saturday morning.  Beth is the sweetest and surprised me with Starbucks! She is so sneaky and I love surprises! 
While I was addressing bachelorette invitations, she whipped out all these pom poms, which would've taken me hours on my old pom pom maker. We'll have millions done by June.

Moving backwards even farther, here's Friday night.  Marie passed her big comprehesive exams, so we went out to celebrate at the Cru Wine Bar.  We were going to go there before she knew she passed, but whatever.
Sadly, I only liked one of the wines on my wine flight, but that was probably enough.  They had a special appetizer (shown below) that was strawberries, balsamic reduction, goat cheese, prosciutto and basil. To die for!
It reminded me of this Strawberry Bruschetta recipe, which I've been meaning to try.


  1. You didn't want to share the "learning experience" skirts we made on Sunday? :D

    1. The skirts are getting their very own post!! You need to send me a pic! Did you end up cutting it?

  2. You didn't share the best part of each day... your morning wake up call!!!