Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Countdown of Pictures

I guess these pictures are backwards & I would lose my mind using Blogger to try and switch them, so let's just pretend this is a countdown from today to Friday!

On Saturday, Loren & I went to see The Pioneer Woman speak and sign her new cookbook (highly recommend!!).  First of all, it was such a far drive for both of us..at least 40 minutes and it took me another 10 to find parking.  Her presentation was cute, but then I realized that her signing line started at zero..and that I was number 684.  Loren & I got a chance to catch up forever, which was so great. Then we drooled over the recipes! Seriously, drooled. By that time, she had signed about 170 books & we had been there for almost 3 hours.  We went back & forth, but ultimately decided we could live with an unsigned cookbook!
I've seen so many authors, but to have over 700 people in line, boggles my mind.  I guess when food is involved. . .

About four years ago, I attempted to train Oliver to love his kennel (you can read about that here).  That lasted for awhile, but I gave up. I'm so obviously a premium dog trainer. Lately, I've been putting him in there whenever someone knocks on the door, just to make things easier.  So all of a sudden, totally out of the blue, he's started going in there again....expecting a treat, of course.  I was so confused by it all, so now he peeks out to make sure I see that he's in there and give him something!

Moving backwards, here's Saturday morning.  Beth is the sweetest and surprised me with Starbucks! She is so sneaky and I love surprises! 
While I was addressing bachelorette invitations, she whipped out all these pom poms, which would've taken me hours on my old pom pom maker. We'll have millions done by June.

Moving backwards even farther, here's Friday night.  Marie passed her big comprehesive exams, so we went out to celebrate at the Cru Wine Bar.  We were going to go there before she knew she passed, but whatever.
Sadly, I only liked one of the wines on my wine flight, but that was probably enough.  They had a special appetizer (shown below) that was strawberries, balsamic reduction, goat cheese, prosciutto and basil. To die for!
It reminded me of this Strawberry Bruschetta recipe, which I've been meaning to try.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sewing Night: Skirts Edition

Beth came over last night and we made jersey skirts!  We followed this tutorial and both used fabric from April Johnston's line at JoAnn's. Generally speaking, it was a breeze.  Beth's probably sewn 3 times, but I assume she's a pro, so I basically left her in the dust, but by the end of the night, we had 2 pretty maxi skirts.  I have this suspicion that we'll be making a few of these for the summer.

Beth was trying to maximize her scraps and all I could think of was Miss Cleo!! It's pretty spot on...like, really spot on. Miss Beth, tell me my future!

I'm actually wearing mine today.  I hope the seam doesn't split down the back..it won't, but....

Friday, March 16, 2012

Practice Takes Perfection

We had a little work party today to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  I was one of two people who volunteered to use this recipe to make cupcakes.  Beth & I had made something similiar a while back, so I was comfortable trying it again. Big fail!  I can't even explain what happened - they were either so tiny (above) or running over the side - instead of rainbows, they looked like a 3rd grade science experiment gone bad.
Beth text me last night to see how they were going & I was so crabby, so all we did was exchange pictures of ourselves crying..mostly fake.  Doesn't the black & white make us look extra sad? Anyway, Beth's boyfriend got in on the crying as well and the photos continued into this morning, as I tried to make my own buttercream frosting and salvage them enough to bring to work.
I brought 12 of the best of the worst and I also stopped at King Soopers to buy some to supplement...then I was worried that mine would look extra gross next to professional cupcakes.  Most of mine acutally were eaten, and one of my coworkers had seconds, so it wasn't a total wash.

Oliver cheered me up last night.  He'll do just about anything for a treat and I love it!

And here's a bonus cute photo for your Friday - I accidentally yarned Francie, but she was so interested in the kids playing outside, she didn't even care.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Snooze & Skype..and Crafts

Happy Saturday! I actually woke up earlier today than I do on workdays, but it was totally worth it, because Nicole & I went to Snooze for breakfast! It was of course, so good, and our server even gave us the pancake of the day on the house - banana with blueberry & caramel topping! I love breakfast.
Afterwards, we went to the Sugar Plum Bazaar.  We went back in November, but it was a lot less crowded and there were some new vendors.  Last year at a different show, I bought this amazing red glass ring - I saw the same vendor today & I couldn't resist the rings this time either!
They're fused glass from Miss Olivia's Line.  Nicole got an amazing pair of red earrings from her too, so we left happy!

Tonight, I got to skype with the Olson's back home. Joey & Katherine love to climb all over each other, but once they implemented the one-at-a-time rule, all was well.
Joey's favorite sport is math - he wants to go to math camp & become a math-lete.  Katherine was wearing a dress that went down to her knees and she loved the Lorax movie.  Bill loves Corona...that is no news though.  I also learned some new jokes - such entertainers.

8 Eyes!!

I also started The Hunger Games series today.  Let's see if they're as good as everyone says.

Friday, March 9, 2012

This week

Meet my vegetable of the moment, the brussel sprout. My first adult experience with them was at Loren & Adam's Thanksgiving - Brendan & Loren made this yummy dish with beets & brussel sprouts and I was a little skeptical, but I loved it! On Monday, Beth made me supper, complete with a side of them and last night, I attempted to make them for myself. They were delicious! I might have cooked them a little longer, but I had to get something that involved chocolate into the oven, which is serious business!
One of my favorite things at Starbucks is the Banana Chocolate-Chip Coffee Cake, so I decided to recreate it using this recipe.
This recipe calls for it to be in a 9x11 pan and another recipe said a bundt pan (which is how Starbucks serves it), but I decided to use a muffin tin + a bread loaf pan.  What the difference between making a coffee cake, a bread, and muffins is, I may never know, but these tasted pretty good, no matter the form.

I feel like I've been walking/running/chasing Oliver all over Denver this week.  The warmer temps definitely help me get out of bed in the morning and not make me want to crawl under a blanket the minute I get home from work. Dawn, dusk, we've seen it all.  I'm such a morning person, so of course I thought that the sunrises were the very best, but turns out the sunsets aren't too bad either.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


The Olson family had a fun weekend celebrating Dad's birthday (even though I wasn't there). Roey emailed me this video saying that Joey wanted it on YouTube with a cool song.  I couldn't have less of a clue what 9-year-old boys listen to, so of course I asked two girls for advice & ended up with this.
What a creative little guy!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Running x 16

I made a mini goal to run one mile for 30 days in a row.  I think it was supposed to be January 15-February 15th.  Anyway, we got a huge storm around day 16 or so and I fell off the wagon. I didn't make it to day 30, but I still put in a lot more miles than I otherwise would have.  I'll have to try this again and finish!
Drama with the Geese...as per usual.
This morning was our first weekday morning run to City Park.  A unsoliticited wake-up call from a certain central time-zone lady named Karley really gave me the kick out of bed I needed. And wow, it was so warm out. I could not love mornings more! (Unless there was a walk-up coffee shop, so I could walk Oliver and still get a coffee.)

And on an unrelated note, this video is the sweetest thing - baby goats in sweaters and a dachshund.

Friday, March 2, 2012

This Week: Cake + Crafts

I had such a fun craft week.  Let me tell you about it!
On Wednesday, I went to a cake decorating party at Frills Cake Shop with Beth, Jaime and Gina.  It was so much fun. I think I got overwhelemed by everything we learned and my cake ended up a little wild, but at least I learned some techniques for future decorating endeavors.
The photo below is from Jaime's blog post about our night - you have to read it: Click here

Last night, I invited Beth over for some wine + cheese and crocheting.  I totally forgot I had wine though, and offered her milk instead.  Everyone knows milk is so good though!  Don't worry, we eventually had wine.
Anyway, Beth started a new beautiful blanket that I cannot wait for her to finish.  I worked on some wedding decor for Roey: Pom-Poms (actually they are called Pom-Pons, but you can use either spelling...I looked it up).  In the past few months, I have made some pretty horrible looking pom-poms, but I think I finally have the hang of it.  "Getting the hang of it" last night involved an accidental punch to the chest from Beth - I kept yelling at her to tie the knot tighter, the yarn snapped and her hand went flying (totally my fault).
As we already know, Oliver hates when yarn touches him. Last night he had finally had enough and we played tug of war with a tiny piece of yarn.

And this week was extra special because it was Robert B's birthday.
Happy Birthday Dad!