Saturday, February 18, 2012

White-Border Blanket, WIP

I saw this blanket on Pinterest and loved the clean whiteness of it! Then I stumbled upon this one on flickr (they're actually the same blanket, in different stages) and that sealed the deal - I had to make one.  I found the tutorial on her blog. I sort of wish I could say I've been working on it forever, but honestly, it's taken about a month.  So far I have 120 circles and I'm planning to make it 12 squares x 10 squares, but we'll see if I want it bigger when I get all that together! I love these little pops of colors!

I've started to add the white square border to some.
Oh, and Nicole made me a new blog header! It's so perfect. Thanks Nicole!


  1. I need nicole to make me and Etsy header. I'm clueless.

  2. Ohh that blanket is going to be so pretty! I love the colors!