Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Weekend!

Friday night, Beth & I tested out the new frozen yogurt place next to my place, Menchie's. It might have just beat out Yogurtland for our favorite! It was basically geared towards children, but it was super yummy & they have marshmallow sauce, which is just unheard of (and so delicious!).
In the picture above, I was trying to be so careful and avoid Joey's little mishap!

Yesterday, I saw one of the best concerts ever with Kari! DeVotchKa (a Denver-based band) played with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra.  I knew it was going to so amazing, but it was even better than that!
We grabbed some appetizers & drinks at Green Russell, as per Beth's recommendation, and we made it to the show right on time.
DeVotchKa already plays with an upright bass and a violin, so the orchestra just the perfect extension to all of that. All their musicians are so talented! Their drummer also plays the the trumpet and plucked the piano strings and the sousaphone lady also plays the upright bass - their piano player also plays the violin and get the idea!
It was a sold-out show and the crowd was so into it. I seriously have never heard people cheer for an accordion so loud! People were crying & I know I had goosebumps basically the entire time!
Kari had never heard (or heard of) the band, but she was such a good sport & she really loved it too.

Here's one of my favorites from the night! (Here's a few bits from another one.)

Once you've listened to that song 20 times, you can keep reading the rest of this blog post.
Oliver has been super wild this week and the only cure is the Cherry Creek Dog Park, so this morning, that's exactly what we did.  He's been in a deep snooze since, so I think it did the trick.

I got the sweetest package from my brother's family & in it, Billy had given me an instructional accordion DVD!  Here's the instructor, Ken Mahler - love his awesome glasses & super thick MN accent! I'm already on lesson 3. Thanks, Billy!

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