Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blanket for a Beautiful Baby: Finished!

I finished this little blanket & I gave it to the most beautiful baby in the entire world.  Have I said recently that I'm going to weave in the ends as I go and not wait until the end? It's the worst when the front looks pretty and finished and you want to give it away, but the back is a complete mess!
Originally, I did the math for the blanket and thought it was going to be the tiniest little thing ever. Thankfully, I'm really bad at math, so it turned out a lot larger than expected.
It was super easy & quick - I might have to make myself an adult version one day!


  1. It is a wonderful blanket Mary! Thank you so much! I actually used it today while she was in her crib. Don't tell the empty crib Nazis, but I think it's too heavy for her to move that much, which is a good thing. Love you!!!