Monday, January 30, 2012

My weekend!

My weekend, as shown above:
I found something to actually help me to comb my gnarly hair.  No, that's not Smurfette. (It is. And it was $1.98)
My elementary/high school/current friend Lyndsay is coming through Denver on Wednesday! That must be why I've been craving chocolate milk!
I spent Saturday night with Nicole & her little guy.  He cracks me up.  We had the best night of bad TV and delivery pizza!
Beth is dogsitting a few blocks from me, so Oliver had some new dogs to boss around.
Oliver laughs at all my jokes (lower left corner).
And then of course, my accordion & sewing machine!

Oliver was growling & barking at someone outside, but he was stuck under the afghan.  So vicious looking!
Yesterday, we made a coffee run and took a little cruise down Colfax, Oliver's most hated/loved part of Denver. 

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