Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January Goals

In lieu of resolutions I decided to make monthly goals.  Not just any goals, but SMART goals (Thank you, library school).  So, being halfway through the month, I decided to check in.

1. A few of them are directly related to my quest of trying to relieve my headaches before I go back to the doctor - the first one being to get a CranioSacral Massage.  I had heard from a friend that this type of therapy helped her so much & she hasn't had a headache since.  While it was super relaxing, it didn't do anything for my headaches.  I'm checking it off my list anyway.

2. The second related goal was to go to the dentist and I'm happy to report that I have an appointment tomorrow.  I doubt my headaches are mouth/tooth related, but I'm trying just about everything!

3. Non-headache related, my third goal was to use my new(to me) kitchen-aid mixer 3 times.  Thanks to my major fail and then my success, I've used it twice!

4. Next was to go to the gym 4 times per week.  I failed at this the first week of January, but thanks to my workout partner, Kari, I've met this goal otherwise.

5. Get my dress altered.  I got this dress on Etsy with the hopes that if it didn't fit, I could alter it myself, but once I started to make plans to fix it, I panicked and decided to leave it to a professional.  I haven't done this yet!

6. Start a Quilt!
I've been busing preparing for this one.  I have this fabric line waiting for me so all I need to do is pick a pattern.  I am so in love with both of these books right now - so much inspiration!

I have one or two more goals, but I don't want to spoil the surprise!


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