Monday, December 17, 2012


In some sad library news, I just heard my boss from my days at the Moorhead Library recently passed away. She was so great to work for and definitely the main person who influenced me into pursuing my master's in library science. I can't even imagine how much she'll be missed by all the library patrons!

It's almost time for the big drive to ND again! This time I'm supplementing my audible audiobooks with some from the library (once I find my card and pay my fines...horrible librarian, I know).
I read a book review for this book here and she had me at "book version of Arrested Development." I may have set my expectations too high already, but I've been hearing great things about it since then, so I'm optimistic!

This book may look familiar from the sidebar on the right. That's because I'm currently reading it on my Kindle. I've made's 30% completed, but I made a promise to Beth that I'd finish it ASAP, so the audio version may help me move along.
I may or may not have trouble finishing books Beth recommends, but I'm putting that to rest with this one! Actually, I'm about 2.5 for 4 maybe, so that's not bad odds.
And this one,'s tradition!

The audiobooks and my drives are such are getting to be so sentimental to me! I remember listening to You Better Not Cry and it was such a dark drive and one of the stories had the most bittersweet ending and listening to Water for Elephants with Dad and finishing it only minutes from home - and of course, there's Blindness, which I don't think me or dad will ever forget.

The weekend

On Friday, Nicole & I went to a little collage-making workshop. One of Nicole's friends is getting into teaching these types of classes & wanted to use us as test students!
My style is normally simple & bright and this class challenged that for sure. I ended up making a collage of old, dead authors and flowers. The quote on my collage says, "Let your heart be light." (Which I could use a lesson or two in!) Most of the flowers are from my favorite cards that Karley gave me for my birthday a few years ago.
Nicole went with an army/artillery theme & it couldn't have been more fun (and scary) watching her.

Saturday was Kari & Buck's 2nd annual Christmas party. It was also an elf costume contest and a white elephant gift exchange.
I bought a clearance dress from Old Navy and a yard of fur and tried to elf things up a bit.
Kari ended up choosing my white elephant gift, which included this little Box of Jokes gem among some other goodies. The teeth were out of this world disgusting, which made them all the better!

The next morning while everyone was recovering, Kari & I snuck out for a quick breakfast. The adorable little boxer stayed home, but was just too cute to leave out of the photo collage.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Brunch with Beth - Sputnik edition

My tall friend Beth & I had a yummy little brunch date at Sputnik! All the pictures Beth & I have taken over the years have been a trick to the eye - the lower left picture is an honest to goodness view of what we look like standing next to each other. Not as cute (but much funnier).
Anyway, Sputnik doesn't have bottomless mimosas, which is definitely top five criteria for a good brunch, but, I think we both hit our mimosa capacity and the food was delish, so it was a success.
I also saved Beth from buying 100 freaky/creepy Santa mugs at the thrift store. You're welcome Beth.

"I want to be a Santa Claus"

Since I wouldn't be in town for Katherine's big Christmas dance recital, she gave me a free little preview over Thanksgiving.

Bill uploaded a video of the real deal & it couldn't be any cuter. She's 2nd from the right, in the front row.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy December!

I found this gem last weekend cleaning out my old room. Karley & I were at Red Lobster with my family  (2002, probably?) and I tried to order chicken wild rice soup during lent...My mom yelled "Nooooooo," and startled all of us! I must've got clam chowder instead. And, of course our drink wasn't alcoholic. 

I did not take a single, solitary photo this weekend, and I'm pretty okay with that.
Loren, Nicole & I went to Fancy Tiger's Holiday Handmade and we all got a jump start on our Christmas shopping. They both are pretty perfect shopping partners for me. I think I picked out a pretty great gift with their help.
Karley & I logged close to 8 hours this weekend just crafting via Skype. We keep each other motivated, for sure. I finished one special little gift and got a bunch of crocheting done and I also cleaned my room, which truthfully accounted for a majority of the 8 hours!
I somehow managed to cut myself making rice krispie bars (I didn't even use a knife!) 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I spent Thanksgiving at home this year! I can't even complain about the drive, because it was a breeze.
Roey & I attempted Black Friday shopping for the 2nd time and it didn't go too horrible. I only had one major temper tantrum. We learned to eat & caffeinate ourselves before stepping foot in a store, so that helped. I bought one regular priced item, a travel coffee mug and two dog toys.  Crazy shopper over here!
I got to play my new Christmas accordion music as loud as I wanted and got some tips from the Olson's accordion master, Billy. I also got some tips on how to shoot a BB gun from Joey. I hit 3 soda cans over with one shot.
Before my drive, I joined Audible, which is similar to Netflix, but for audiobooks. I got 2 free books for joining and after hours of deliberating, I chose The Fault in Our Stars by John Green & The Year We Left Home by Jean Thompson. If you buy the wrong audibook for a 14 hour drive, it is a horrible, horrible thing.
Jean Thompson is my very favorite! She's one of the best short story writers around and this book did not dissapoint.

Monday, November 12, 2012

these days

my days have been filled with crocheting, vet visits, as-long-as-possible neighborhood walks and bottomless hot chocolate...

Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween 2012!

On Saturday night, I had some of the coolest cats & cookies over for my 4th Annual Halloween extravaganza! I almost didn't even have a party, but I decided it wouldn't be right to skip a year! We were missing some of my regular party-goer BFFs, but I had the best time! I'm getting better each year at playing Apples-to-Apples! It's probably because I'm nearing 30 and getting pretty mature.
P.S. You probably should listen to this song as you look at these spooky pictures.

(Below) Left to right we have Marie, a Dexter victim, Steven, who is dressed as an old school photo of himself!, Me & Oliver as Dorothy & the scarecrow, Hunter & Beth...Mr. & Mrs. Plaid (or that's what I just named them), Lindsay as Audrey Hepburn & Loren and Adam and a cookie + cookie monster!

I tried to make caramel apple jello shots & they looked like apples covered in gravy, BUT, they were delicious! Maybe I need more gelatin next time.

Oh, and Karley mentioned over here that she would've worn an owl costume to my party, so here's my party. She just needs a glass of wine in her hand and she'll fit right in!

Happy Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

On Repeat: Noah Gundersen

I first stumbled upon this video on tumblr, and that led me to the original song, sang by Noah Gundersen and I literally haven't stopped listening since!


One of these things is not like the other!
I've had a super low key last few weeks consisting of the laziness you see above. I couldn't have just four pictures of Oliver, so that cat who didn't want to play with me is Foster, my friend Lindsay's cat.
Last night Karley & I had the best 3+ hour Skype session. She sewed an entire doll and I made supper, watched some of the Voice and started a new crochet project. It was pretty much like we were roommates again!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

XXXL Cowls & A little picnic

photo from beth!

Now that it's getting cooler outside, I've been spending a chunk of my weekends crocheting some super warm cowls! This first one I made was just too big for my short neck, so I had to pass it along to Miss Beth...the second one I made was equally as big, but after starting over several times, I just went with it!
Let me just tell you, these are the warmest things ever! I have been SO tempted to sleep in it, but my I can hear my mother's voice saying that it'll get wrapped too tightly around my neck and I'll choke.
Oliver was the first to discover their warmth, as shown below.

Last night Beth & I had a little fall picnic at Cheeman Park.  I had Pho for the very first time & it was really delish! It was so nice to be outside and laugh and laugh - leaves were falling around us. Then it got really dark..really quickly and then we ran to our cars.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Canvas & Cocktails

Last night my wonderful friends at the Parkinson's Association of the Rockies, also known as Kari & Lindsay, hosted a charity night at Canvas & Cocktails.

Tonight is the big Presidential Debate hosted by our neighbor, the University of Denver. I have the day off and I made a big to-do list for today. I've already crossed off two items and it's not even 10am!

Monday, October 1, 2012

St. Mary's Glacier

Beth's been reminding me how many days it has been since my last post and yesterday, Karley asked if I was dead, which was actually a hint to update the blog - so here goes!

Natalia & I went on another little hiking adventure. This time to St. Mary's Glacier near Idaho Springs.

It started to SNOW on our hike up. Then, five minutes later we had to shed a layer because it was so warm.

In these pics, you can see the little bit of the glacier along the side of the mountain!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Joey + the Cello

Last night, Joey sent me a text from his cellphone and we decided to set up a little Skype session so I could see his brand new cello!
He's only had one day of orchestra, but he sounded in tune and pretty darn good. I had to get my violin out, so we could do a little duet. It was pretty rough on the ears - mostly due to my lack of tuning.
I told him that now he has to be in my future string quartet and we'll all wear matching which he replied, "Didn't we already do that once during Christmas?"
It took me a bit to figure out what he was referring to, then I ran across this little gem from around 2005! I don't know how he could ever remember it - maybe it scarred him for life. It couldn't be as traumatizing as when we fell through the trampoline with two dogs! I bet he still remembers that!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

LD weekend

I had an incredibly low-key Labor Day weekend. These two pictures pretty much sum it all up - lots of park time, a pretty hike in Boulder, lots of sewing & crocheting and probably dozens of episodes of Pawn Stars!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

MK in Duluth 2012

On Thursday, I headed north to Minneapolis and then a little further north to Duluth to spend a long weekend with KARLEY!
When we got back to her apt, she had a perfect strawberry cake waiting for me and a perfect list of things to do in Duluth. I'm happy to report we crossed almost every single thing off the list!

I knew Karley was extra cool when I first met her, because she could eat ice cream faster than anyone I'd ever met! I'd secretly try to race her and I'd lose every single time. So when we went to the Candy Kitchen, my ice cream fell off the stick and I used that as the perfect opportunity to win!
Speaking of winning...Karley bought me a card game, Dutch Blitz and I won almost every game, except when we tied with a whopping score of 81. I actually lost most games, but it's my blog, so I can say I won.

We hiked, biked and swam all around Lake Superior!
I had 2 things on my "must do" list: camping (s'mores) and seeing wildlife.  We happily checked both of those things off the list! I saw a lot of deer (dead and alive) and 2 very wild turkeys!

We also had a day full of adventure, including the Timber Twister and ziplining. They were so not scary and if I say they weren't scary, they definitely weren't.

I'm jumping all over the place chronologically, but it's all a blur anyway, so it doesn't even matter! On my last night, we climbed the somewhat spooky Enger Tower and listened to the Hobo Nephews on repeat. I'm in love with this song.

Karley showed me all her favorite spaces and places and took me to the very best restaurants in town! It was so fun to get a taste of what she loves about Duluth and experience what she tells me about on the phone.

We used to garage sale all over Fargo & Moorhead and with my little S-10 pickup, we had no limits. I unfortunately had the tiniest suitcase ever, but we did got some awesome sales and I was able to mail myself a little box of goodies that will be arriving this week.

I think my favorite part was our little campfire...also the Bison Buddies at the Northern Waters Smokehaus were pretty premium...Oh, and our lakeside picnic on the rocks...and laughing so hard we both spit out ice cream...(and also playing cards on the beach).
Thanks for the best weekend Karley!

Now that you're overloaded with Mary & Karley, you can read all about it again on Karley's blog!

Beth Ann, Party Planner!

Beth Ann threw me the most thoughtful and crafty little party on Wednesday.  Everything was perfectly planned from the shrimp + strawberry menu (plus other snacks, of course) to the pink, yellow & blue color scheme to the little thank you bags with my favorite candies inside - Hey Frooties! I felt so very loved and lucky to have my wonderful friends to celebrate with! Beth's outdone herself this time!

She also baked her FIRST cake and I couldn't be more honored that it was for my little party!
Here's a little video from the night...clapping really upsets Oliver apparently, so of course it ends with me screaming at him, but other than that, watching it makes me happy!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Birthday. . .

. . . to the best friend a girl and a little dog dressed as Santa in mid-August could ask for!

The weekend

Yesterday Natalia & I went hiking at the Marshall Mesa Trail in Boulder.

98% of my weekend consisted of cleaning, but I did sneak in a little progress on my new craft projects!

P.S. Only a few days until my weekend with Karley! I found this CD made 10 years ago. I can't begin to imagine what songs are on it! I'll have to bring it to Duluth.

Friday, August 17, 2012

5 Good Things

1. Last night Kari took me out for an early birthday date, and wow, does that girl know me well! Manicures @ Snappy Nails, Pizza @ Cosmo's and dessert @ Yogurtland.

2. Karley sent out an email that Robby had received a free cup of coffee in Afghanistan through the "Cup of Joe for a Joe" program. You can read Karley's post here. Anyway, I loved the idea, so I sent a Cup of Joe to a Joe for only $2! I already got a response, less than 24 hours later!

3. While we are talking about's less than one week until my Duluth trip.  She has the best weekend planned out already and I really couldn't be more excited: camping, candy and cooler temperatures! I haven't seen her in over a year and that is just way too long!

4. Beth is moving into a new place and stressed beyond anything, yet she is still planning a birthday party for yours truly! I fought against it for long enough, so now I'm just letting it happen and I'll enjoy the ride.
I know she's been up to something with a hot glue gun, but that's the only hint I have.

5. Numbers 1-4 have a giving/receiving type of theme, so I'll go with that...I'm doing a clean sweep of my closests and look who I found in the process! He's a little pinata from my birthday a few years ago. I think Natalia didn't want to hurt him, so he's been sitting in my closet forever. I think he'll have to come to my party this year!