Friday, December 9, 2011

Last Weekend

I'm just now catching up on last weekend. Oops!  On Friday, we celebrated Marie's Birthday!
We ate at the Elephant Bar and then saw Arthur Christmas.  It was the sweetest Christmas movie ever.  What's cuter than a tiny elf?  I kept thinking that someone would die, etc., but it's a kid's movie, so I had to remind myself they'll live happily ever after.

On Sunday, Beth & I watched the Bronco's game and did some crocheting.

 I took a little break to do some quick decorating.

And then Beth watched White Christmas for the very first time! WOW! She loved it.  That's what I keep telling myself anyway.
Oh, and then there's Oliver.  He doesn't know what football is, but he kept hearing us talk about it, so he played this, more literal, type of "football" with Beth forever.

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