Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I spent the end of last week at the Colorado Association of Libraries Conference up in Loveland.  As part of the conference, I completed my year-long leadership institute.  Whooo!  I got close to my fellow CALLI librarians, so "graduating" was bittersweet.  We're already planning a reunion.
I attended a session on social media that included this video. Talk about eye-opening! It's definitely worth a watch.  It's based on the book Socialnomics.

Here's a little of the rest of the weekend!
Lots of walks, naps & spooky Halloween decorations that freak us both out.

On Sunday, Beth & I played our best game of tennis yet.  Then I taught her how to crochet! She definitely picked it up waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay faster than I did.  I tried to learn from about 3 different people, then I had to take class after class. So obviously I kept telling Beth how horrible learning is and how we probably wouldn't be friends afterwards, but it went just fine! She's well on her way to a beautiful blanket!
Oliver & Beth had the only tiff of the day - the yarn kept touching him, which he hates, so he'd shoot her glares and move further and further away from her...until this dude started singing on the XFactor.  Oliver gave this singer his full attention and once the song ended, he went back to napping.
We also got to group Skype Karley, which was pretty awesome!

And look who I found on 7th Ave - Faceless Suited Man!

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  1. This blog is hilariously awesome and wonderful and I wish I could quilt!