Sunday, October 9, 2011

To Die For Roast

Today I ventured away from the chicken I've been making in the crock pot and I moved onto beef - a roast!
I browsed a few different sites and found so many different recipes with so many different adjectives, but I settled on the most dramatic adjective combination - "To Die for Pot Roast."
I just added three dry packets to the roast - Italian, Ranch & Brown Gravy.  Then I added a little water & some potatoes.
I started it at 8:30am and it started to really smell amazing about the time I left to meet Nicole for coffee.  Nicole convinced me that Oliver wouldn't be able to resist the smell and when I got home, he would be eating it.  I totally believed her for a while.
It turned out pretty perfectly.  I wouldn't say it was to die for, but that's a title reserved for strawberries (and quilts occasionally), not beef. I'll probably make it again, but I might not need to use all the powder mixes (salty!) and I'll make sure to save room for carrots & mushrooms!

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