Monday, October 31, 2011

Sunday Brunch

Two words: Bottomless Mimosas.
We love the Irish Snug.

3rd Annual Halloween Party


On Friday, I had some of my very best friends over for a little Halloween party.  We had plenty of good food & drinks and of course we had to play Apples to Apples.  We added Catch Phrase to the mix for the first time, but Oliver got a little angry at that game, so he had to sit in the kennel and watch.
We had Henry & Lydia from the TV show Party Down, Dave Summerfield (Beth's Dad), a couch, a zombie, a cowboy & little puppy, a cat, Colorado weather, a werewolf & a few other costumes I didn't get photos of!
Now it's time for Christmas!!

Strawberry Shortcake & Custard

Here's a little glimpse of the decor - Beth made the adorable banner in the middle photo.
Thank you Pinterest, for all the inspiration. (Bats & Banner)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Steve, the Cake Pop

My sister is getting married this June & I've made it my personal mission to make sure she has the best of everything!  She requested I make some cake pops for a wedding shower this spring.  That idea somehow evolved into me making cake pops that looked like Roey & Steve.  I'm in the process of making some for my Halloween party AND it just so happens to be Steve's birthday today, so I took a few minutes and whipped up something in Steve's honor.
I think the cake pops will have to have a different theme, but this was fun anyway!
Happy Birthday, Steve!

I'll Wash my Hair with Snow

I've been waiting forever for a reason to post this video & now I finally have one! Denver's first baby snow storm.  I don't think it was as bad as they predicted, but it's still coming down.
Oliver & I had a *very* quiet walk this morning...quiet as in no other dogs...or people.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Weekend

This past weekend was 99% full of crocheting and crafts! I'm scared, because I have two rows of the new blanket done and I don't love it.  Hopefully once it's all together, I'll feel differently.
  I'm having a little Halloween party on Friday, so I've been busy making some decorations (and costumes).
On Saturday, Nicole & I went out for lunch and some thrifting.  I got a gigantic granny square afghan, shown above.  It's so perfect.  It also happened to be Wyatt's birthday, so I got him a few little things.  He was not a big fan of this hat, but I think it will grow on him!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Leaf Hunting

Marie just got some pictures developed from our leaf viewing day.  These photos crack me up, because Oliver looks SO serious about seeing the leaves (or squirrels, or whatever).

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Afghan

 I started a chevron afghan, but I wasn't in love with it, so I unraveled it (and made an ugly scarf instead).
I love my new project so much! I found this blanket on Pinterest & it's originally from Dottie Angel's Blog. I'm planning to make my version a little bigger than this one for maximum snuggleness.

I need to publically thank Beth, because I made her seriously look at every version of this blanket I could find and we analyzed the colors forever. Red, Dusty Mauve, Salmon - we talked about it all. I went to JoAnn's on my own and I'm really happy with the colors I got. I'm almost done with the far right column!
I doubt the finished product will look exactly like this, but it was fun playing with the color arrangement.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I spent the end of last week at the Colorado Association of Libraries Conference up in Loveland.  As part of the conference, I completed my year-long leadership institute.  Whooo!  I got close to my fellow CALLI librarians, so "graduating" was bittersweet.  We're already planning a reunion.
I attended a session on social media that included this video. Talk about eye-opening! It's definitely worth a watch.  It's based on the book Socialnomics.

Here's a little of the rest of the weekend!
Lots of walks, naps & spooky Halloween decorations that freak us both out.

On Sunday, Beth & I played our best game of tennis yet.  Then I taught her how to crochet! She definitely picked it up waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay faster than I did.  I tried to learn from about 3 different people, then I had to take class after class. So obviously I kept telling Beth how horrible learning is and how we probably wouldn't be friends afterwards, but it went just fine! She's well on her way to a beautiful blanket!
Oliver & Beth had the only tiff of the day - the yarn kept touching him, which he hates, so he'd shoot her glares and move further and further away from her...until this dude started singing on the XFactor.  Oliver gave this singer his full attention and once the song ended, he went back to napping.
We also got to group Skype Karley, which was pretty awesome!

And look who I found on 7th Ave - Faceless Suited Man!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Scared, but so Funny

Let me preface this post by saying I am probably the most easily startled/scared person ever.  When Karley & I went to a haunted house a few years ago and I was SO terrified that I wouldn't let go of her back - I just basically hung onto her with my eyes closed until we were back in the car.  When I worked customer service, I'd get startled when customers would come up behind me looking for help.  When Oliver barks, I usually scream out loud in some way. 
With that all being said, I cannot stop laughing at this Flickr stream.  These are all taken in the Nightmares Fear Factory.  You should probably start by looking at every single photo, but here's a condenced version of some of the greatest. Also, Buzzfeed did a remix which is insanely funny.  I've posted a few of my favorite & their remixes.

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Butter Thief

I had so much cuddle time with these two this weekend, which was so nice, because it was extra chilly!
Oliver looked so comfortable propped up on the couch like this, which is way too small a space for him.  This sort of helps me imagine how my butter dish was mysteriously licked clean last week.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

To Die For Roast

Today I ventured away from the chicken I've been making in the crock pot and I moved onto beef - a roast!
I browsed a few different sites and found so many different recipes with so many different adjectives, but I settled on the most dramatic adjective combination - "To Die for Pot Roast."
I just added three dry packets to the roast - Italian, Ranch & Brown Gravy.  Then I added a little water & some potatoes.
I started it at 8:30am and it started to really smell amazing about the time I left to meet Nicole for coffee.  Nicole convinced me that Oliver wouldn't be able to resist the smell and when I got home, he would be eating it.  I totally believed her for a while.
It turned out pretty perfectly.  I wouldn't say it was to die for, but that's a title reserved for strawberries (and quilts occasionally), not beef. I'll probably make it again, but I might not need to use all the powder mixes (salty!) and I'll make sure to save room for carrots & mushrooms!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Maaawwwwrrry's Day!

For my birthday, Beth gave me a card full of clues of some of my most favorite things to do in Denver.  Once I got over the disappointment that the accordion I thought I was getting was actually a stack of Phase 10 cards, we had a pretty awesome day.
We were supposed to end the day with Yogurtland, but I didn't leave the amusement park feeling 100% (or even 10%) so we skipped that and I went straight to bed.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Red Pepper Quilts

I just discovered Red Pepper Quilts and I'm completely obsessed.  Her quilts are so modern & sharp looking and don't even get me started on the colors & pattern mixing!  I've been hooked on her blog and flickr stream and I can't seem to step away.
First of all, this amazing Orla Kiely inspired quilt is to die for and would match the purse I have exactly!
Birds of a Feather ~ quilt back

And this one? It was made for a baby, but I would have no problem having this in my apartment.  I love the gray, stripes, polka dots!  I've never used all small squares like that, but I love the idea!

Milk and Cookies ~ Quilt

And this one - wow! Last October I swooned over this line of fabrics in Fancy Tiger, but I was there to take a crochet class, so I couldn't justify starting a whole new project.  Since then I've been having trouble finding it. Then I saw this quilt yesterday and it made me want/need it all over again. I magically found a jelly roll of it ON SALE.  I really just had to buy it.
It's a Hoot II Quilt ~ patchwork quilt

All the photos come from her flickr stream
P.S. I bet if you're from North Dakota you now want a Grinder from The Red Pepper in Grand Forks. Yum.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Scenic Byway Video!

Yesterday, Marie, Oliver & I took a little roadtrip up the Scenic Peak to Peak Byway, ending in Estes Park.  From there we took a different route home, stopping in Boulder for a little picnic before heading back to Denver.  The leaves were out of this world! Marie took most of the photos & I can't wait to see how they all turned out.  She was also the videographer, as I was the driver.
I think Oliver's emotions speak for the group's: excited in the morning, in awe looking out the window, starving by the afternoon & totally exhausted by the time we got home!
The music of course is Amos Lee, "Window Are Rolled Down."