Saturday, September 24, 2011

Snakey, the Birthday Snake

Last week Joey turned 9! 
I was having trouble finding the perfect gift, but when I realized how disgusted I was when I saw this snake (and heard the cashier scream when she was checking me out), I knew it'd be the perfect thing for him.
I wanted to gross him out as much as possible, so I wrapped the gift separately, put the snake in my purse and went to the post office.  I was trying to be sneaky, because if I saw someone throwing a snake into a priority box, I might be a little alarmed.  Luckily, no one saw me & the snake and gift made it on his birthday!

This one is my favorite! Snakey rides the rollercoaster.


  1. My favorite is the "free range soccer league" t-shirt worn by a 9 year old. Awesome! :)

  2. P.s. I love and miss your handwriting. Will you send me a card?