Saturday, September 17, 2011

MINI VOX, Destroy Target

Callie & Oliver reconnecting.
Are you sick of seeing pictures of me skyping? Well, here's some more anyway.  Roey is staying up late just to read this post...or any post. Hi Roey!
I called the Olson's last night & Joey suggested we "talk on the computer" and so that's exactly what we did.
They are just the best kids.  Katherine said she forgot what I looked like, but apparently that was just a ploy to try and visit Denver.  Hello guilt trip!!
Our video chats consist of Joey & Katherine fighting, Katherine covering up their camera and my favorite part, show & tell!  I got to see Katherine's artwork & Joey's greatest toys and clothes.

This made me laugh way too hard - Mini Vox.  We got this robot for Joey a long time ago & I was surprised to see him again.  It's voice activated, but it's very selective, so Joey says "MINI VOX" over and over and over again to try to get it to respond.  In this picture, it finally heard him and it's destroying it's target..aka, me.

I cannot wait to see these crazy kids again!

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