Monday, August 8, 2011

Photo Every Hour

Beth challenged me to a photo every hour blog post, so here you go! I'm judging myself for how many photos are of Oliver, but he's very, I had a super boring day, so what do you expect!?

8am - Sleeping in as long as possible.

 9am - Cheesman Park with Beth! They're waltzing, FYI.

 10am - Medicated bath.

11am - First cup of coffee, way overdue.

12pm - Eye appointment!  I got contacts...well, one, so I got contact.

                                                       1pm - Dishes and dishes and dishes

                                                         2pm - More coffee + crocheting

                                                     3pm - Can't stop watching Wilfred.

                                                4pm - Still watching Wilfred, plus a little nap.

                                            5pm - More crocheting, but I changed beverages.

                                  6pm - Clearly, I've been inside too long...heading to Emily's.

7pm - Cherry Creek Dog Park

                                                                       8pm - Oli & Sally

                                                                   9pm - Emily is pretty.

10pm - Oliver went swimming in a mud puddle. 2nd bath of the day!  Look at that little face of shame.

 11pm - Ready for bed!


  1. Oh my goodness, Oliver's face in the second bath picture is a.dor.a.ble. I just want to come and give him puppy snuggles!!

  2. He would love that more than life itself! :)