Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ms. Summerfield's Day!

Saturday was my Birthday Eve's Eve...which also happens to be Beth's birthday. What a coincidence! She had a super fun party in the park with her family, coworkers and friends and a lot of beer
I love her parents so much - They are beyond hilarious & wonderful and Beth is the perfect mix of them.
I'm seriously so lucky to have a Beth in my life and everyone at the party felt the exact same way!  I'd do anything for her - including, but not limited to cutting 2 cantelopes for skewers. (Why do they smell so bad?)

I finally finished Beth's Christmas gift and pretended I really made it for her birthday.  I felt so sneaky.  I don't have any photos yet of the finished project, but below are some in various stages of the process.
I was inspired by her little cousin's story & when I remembered this picture taken at Morgan's funeral, my quilting wheels started to turn.  I tried to replicate some of the main colors.  Now Beth gets a little bit of Morgan to cuddle up with!

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