Thursday, August 4, 2011

Comedy of Errors

On Tuesday, Loren, Marie & I went to The Colorado Shakespeare Festival's production of The Comedy of Errors. 
We had just enough time before the show for a little picnic + wine on the lawn.  There was almost a 100% chance of rain/storms, but it didn't rain a drop!
The play was pretty typical Shakespeare - mistaken identity, foolery and the like.  It's basically 2 sets of twins that were separated, who end up in the same town, but they share the same name, just to add to the antics.  Some of the characters' outfits were reminiscent of Cirque du Soleil, so that made me happy.
I sat next to a 7-year-old boy during the 2nd half and I can't believe how well he was following it!  His commentary cracked me up, "This is weird!"  and "Look at all that chaos!" I couldn't have said it better.

photo from marie

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