Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Karley sent me a lovely package with a TOM shoe I left in Minnesota, a little post card and an adorable floral mug...that was very broken.  It was very barely wrapped in the tiniest bit of newspaper, but I blamed her poor wrapping job on her pain meds.
I was so sad to tell Karley that the mug didn't make it, but I finally sent her a text...and here's the reply I got:
"bahahaha... the mug was a gag gift.  bahahahaha!  i just threw it in there so u didnt get an empty box ;-)"
Well, I like it and I'm going to glue it and keep it forever! You'd pay $18 for that mug & saucer at Anthropologie.

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Berry Patch

On Saturday, Beth & I took a little roadtrip to Berry Patch Farms.
It would be the best job ever (2nd only to librarianship) to have a strawberry farm.  Everyone loves visiting you AND your miniature pigs and your wild chickens and of course, your strawberries! 

You can faintly see the mountains in the background!

This lady was trying to get the dog to chase a chicken out of the lettuce rows.  We all thought she was talking in code when she kept yelling, "CHICKEN IN THE LETTUCE!"
She drove us out to the strawberry patch and gave us the low down on berry picking.

Manual Labor

We were about ready to leave, but we hadn't nearly picked enough strawberries - then a little miracle happened.  A mysterious and tall man, we can call him the Strawberry Angel, came over and offered us strawberries that he had picked himself!

Crazy chicken running around my car!

Oliver would love having a little pig friend. Dachshunds love pigs! Just look at this post I found on tumblr.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Oliver in the Car

Here's two cute Oliver photos from our trip back to North Dakota.

A perfect pain...in my butt

There's probably an unspoken rule saying that you shouldn't give away the first thing you try to embroider, but I was oblivious to it.
Here's a little gift I made for Karley.  This morning she asked me why it said, "a perfect pain."
I told her it was because she was the perfect pain in my butt and I hung up on her.
I didn't hang up, but I like that story better.  I love you, Karley!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Book Quilt Inspiration

Book Quilt Inspiration, originally uploaded by sewperstitious.

You are Important

We take a different route for our morning walks almost every day, but we always seem to wander down the same sidwalk.  They've been writing messages for a long time, but I think they were on hiatus for awhile.
Yesterday morning the messages sounded like a prozac commerical.  The first one said, "Are you feeling sad?" and the second one was something about being special.
Today's two messages were, "How are you?" and "You are more important than you think."

I read it out loud to Oliver and he said, "Who, me?" (It's not weird to talk to a dog and have them answer you if it's before 6:30am or you haven't had coffee yet, FYI.)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Folks Festival

On Sunday I went to the Rocky Mountains Folks Festival. It was the best day of music ever!
It wasn't too hot, plus there was dramatic lightning in the background and a tiny mist of rain to cool us off.
My favorite of course was Dan Mangan, but I listen to him daily, so I knew what to expect.   My unexpected favorite was Carolina & the Chocolate Drops.  They were so fun & so incredibly talented.  Between all of them, they played so many instruments - real and fake aka, the beat box.  Plus, one of the members wore suspenders, which I think is why Paper Bird is so good. I need a pair - right away!
We also saw The Civil Wars & a bit of Missy Higgins!
I really think that Karley Frey & her husband need to come next year & we can camp all 3 days! We are pretty much professional music festivarians...Not to brag, but Karley & I were on the front page of the Sioux Falls, SD newspaper during Lifelight!

Okay, back to the festival!

 Above: An adorable little skeleton-painted boy eating olives from Whole Foods.  He cracked us up!
Below: We were sitting near the real live mtn climber who amputated his own arm (as told in the movie 127 Hours.)... He was wearing the "127 Hours Movie Crew" t-shirt, which gave him away.  He's in the red!

Dan Mangan, and below, The Civil Wars

Here's a little sampling of the amazing music.

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Ms. Summerfield's Day!

Saturday was my Birthday Eve's Eve...which also happens to be Beth's birthday. What a coincidence! She had a super fun party in the park with her family, coworkers and friends and a lot of beer
I love her parents so much - They are beyond hilarious & wonderful and Beth is the perfect mix of them.
I'm seriously so lucky to have a Beth in my life and everyone at the party felt the exact same way!  I'd do anything for her - including, but not limited to cutting 2 cantelopes for skewers. (Why do they smell so bad?)

I finally finished Beth's Christmas gift and pretended I really made it for her birthday.  I felt so sneaky.  I don't have any photos yet of the finished project, but below are some in various stages of the process.
I was inspired by her little cousin's story & when I remembered this picture taken at Morgan's funeral, my quilting wheels started to turn.  I tried to replicate some of the main colors.  Now Beth gets a little bit of Morgan to cuddle up with!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Talking on the phone with Roey tonight:

Me: Night
Roey: Night, Mare.
Me: Bye
Roey: Did you hear what I just said?
Me: Yup, Bye!
Roey: Night, Mare... Nightmare.

She's probably said that to me 1,000 times and we just finally got it tonight.  Maybe that's why I have such horrible dreams after talking to her.  Hahaha - that was a joke.

Friday, August 19, 2011


In case you wonder about the fun that happens on craft days....
Be glad our voices are muted, because you'd get a solid stream of laughing instead of a pretty song by Paper Bird.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Much Better!

Cake Pops 1, Mary 0

When Beth told me she wasn't having any cake at her birthday extravaganza, I was appalled. I just had to swing into action!  I ignored the fact that I have zero talent in the kitchen.
She brought up cake pops as a complete joke and we laughed, but then I realized how perfect they'd be for the party! 
I was smart enough to do a test run and they didn't turn out 100% bad.  Problems: The cake balls seemed too heavy for the sticks and fell off - I used almond bark instead, which was super thick - I slammed the freezer door on the 4 that actually looked like cake pops.
I googled tips and messaged the best baker I know, Loren, and I'm ready to give them another go!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Best Food is on the Bottom

I'm transitioning him to a higher quality food that will hopefully help his skin problems, so of course, he's separating out that and eating the old yummy, cheap food! As if this isn't neurotic enough, he takes a mouthful, goes over to the rug, spits it all out and eats one pebble at a time.

Monday, August 15, 2011

No Heat Afro

I've been experimenting with the No Heat Curls that everyone is talking about.  So far I've ended up with hair that is not fit for public, but that doesn't stop me from wearing it in public.  I think I'm finally getting the hang of it.
Deep down, my hair desparately wants to be curly and it's no secret why...See the evidence below.
The video recommends doing this technique on damp/wet hair and THEN sleeping on it, but that is just way too much curl for one person (besides Roey & Bill of course), so today, I washed my hair, dried it 90% and then put the headband in for only an hour or so and it's closer to looking normal!  It's still curly, but not in a scary way!  I think I could even stand a little more curl!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Oliver de Lune

I'm so thrilled to be playing piano for a wedding in September!  I love any excuse to dust off the keys (very literally!)
When I went to Mayville State, I took lessons from a lady in Fargo and Clair de Lune was my piece! I played it for hours every day for an entire semester.  Besides playing it as a lullaby to Karley, I haven't really played it much since - until now!  I'll be playing it as a prelude & I'm excited.
I really need an iPad, because I could just play music right off there - could you imagine!
Also, I'm trying to teach Oliver to play the piano, because he seriously needs to start making some money! Move over, Snoopy. The lesions and sores are getting worse & the vet told us today that he needs to see a dermatologist. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Double or Nothing

On Monday night, Beth & I met in the park for a Phase 10 death match.  We always play half games and lately, I've been ahead when we quit, which infuriates my opponent!
I grabbed some takeout - Peter's Chinese - and a box of wine & we had ourselves a little picnic.

This is Yoda (Dodo) who became our little buddy.  His owner couldn't care less about what he was up to.  He ate our rice, tried to drink our wine and made himself at home! We "joked" that he could sense danger...the danger that only comes when Beth loses...and he was trying to protect me.

At the end of the night, there was a clear and official winner, but by only twenty points!!
Doesn't this look like a person who just lost?

It does, but it isn't...this is! Yes, I lost, but this is my blog, so I can mislead you into thinking I won for a few seconds.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Photo Every Hour

Beth challenged me to a photo every hour blog post, so here you go! I'm judging myself for how many photos are of Oliver, but he's very high-maintenance...plus, I had a super boring day, so what do you expect!?

8am - Sleeping in as long as possible.

 9am - Cheesman Park with Beth! They're waltzing, FYI.

 10am - Medicated bath.

11am - First cup of coffee, way overdue.

12pm - Eye appointment!  I got contacts...well, one, so I got contact.

                                                       1pm - Dishes and dishes and dishes

                                                         2pm - More coffee + crocheting

                                                     3pm - Can't stop watching Wilfred.

                                                4pm - Still watching Wilfred, plus a little nap.

                                            5pm - More crocheting, but I changed beverages.

                                  6pm - Clearly, I've been inside too long...heading to Emily's.

7pm - Cherry Creek Dog Park

                                                                       8pm - Oli & Sally

                                                                   9pm - Emily is pretty.

10pm - Oliver went swimming in a mud puddle. 2nd bath of the day!  Look at that little face of shame.

 11pm - Ready for bed!