Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My trip home: the sleepover

 No trip back to ND would be complete without a crazy/hectic, I-could-never-have-kids, no-sleep sleepover!
We painted our nails and shot a BB gun. Typical Sunday night, right?  And as is now tradition, we did crafts.  I always help Katherine with her glitter and painting and Roey helps Joey with his complex, detail-oriented car-making.  Katherine also tried to go sledding down the driveway, but I think she was confusing that with our Christmas sleepover. Whoops!
Katherine had to take some medication before bed, so that would clearly fall under Roey's responsibilities, but I think Katherine sensed my discomfort of all things medical and yelled for me to do it.  I asked her, "Would you rather have a nurse give you medicine or a librarian?"  And she said, "Mary!!"
I brought everyone a little souveneir from New Orleans and when I gave Katherine the hippo, she said, "What else do you have?"  But it grew on her apparently and she named it Diamond.

More Glitter!!

What a patient little dog!
Joey read us a goodnight story, Super Diaper Baby 2: The Invasion of the Potty Snatchers.
He gave us a little background, so we knew what was happening.  It's so adorable to listen to him read.  I took over reading when he was tired and there are tons of words spelled wrong and you can about guess the subject matter! I asked him why everything was spelled so strangely and he said, "Because it's written by 2 dumb kids."  Fair enough, I guess!

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