Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding!

How can I possibly make only one post about my best friend's wedding
 day!  Actually, I probably will make more than one post, but this will be the first.
First of all, I need to thank Jill Balgaard for getting this song into my head, maybe forever, I don't know.  So here's some easy listening while you read about the wedding!

I was lucky enough to spend a few pre-wedding days with Robby, Karley and the Balgaard's!  I just love Karley's family.

When Robby & Karley gave me a ride to the airport in December, they had a huge pine tree in the car with them (along with about anything else you can think of) and I had to sit on Karley's lap.  Why would this time be any different?  Here are a pair of dying crabapples in the car with us.  They took up far less space, so I could sit in my own seat, which is so boring!

Wednesday night, we ran errands and dined at our favorite place, Doolittles!! We got all the classics: walleye fingers, chicken & wild rice soup & cajin chicken pasta.  Karley & I used to have competitions to see who could be nicer, at the mall, for example, so, at Doolittles we had a contest to see who could write the nicest comment card.  Karley's won for overall enthusiasm, ("I was WOWED") and mine won for specific examples of what I liked about our experience.

On Wednesday night, we stayed in the "Balgaard's Waterside Suite," which is a premium camper parked by the lake.  Karley was wearing her headlamp and right before we closed our eyes, she waved it around, which illuminated a GIANT spider lowering itself to our bed!  I screamed, pushed Karley out of the way and ran to the other side of the camper, while Karley killed the spider.

We picked flowers for the wedding at Myrna's house - the sweetest lady ever. 

Karley's practicing wedding poses in Discount Dollar's parking lot.  So in love!

I felt so honored to stand next to Karley on such a big day.  Actually, I always feel honored to stand next to Karley.
The rain stayed away & they had a perfect ceremony at the farm with their families.

Yet another reason to love this couple.  Yes, this was the morning after their wedding. 8am 5K race!

The Norwegians finally meet. Mr. Olson & Mr. Balgaard.
Then it was time to say goodbye to Minnesota and all the Minnesotans I love so much! Until next time!

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  1. Hahahahahhahahahaha-if I could have ONE song to have stuck in my head the rest of my life this would be it!! I'm glad I've blessed you with this :) Also, what' better than two Norwegians meeting??