Friday, July 1, 2011

Move Pen, Move

Every once in a blue moon, I go through a poetry phase, but I'm typically not a fan. I'll never forget my discomfort (and the look on Emily's face) when we found ourselves at First Friday during National Poetry Month. As we watied for the light to turn to walk, someone recited us an extremely awkward, neverending poem.  But recently, I've been listening to Dan Mangan on repeat & have fell in love with this song of his. It's actually a mix of his song, Tragic Turn of Events, and a poem, Move Pen, Move by Shane Koyczan. Oh, and by the way, don't call him a poet, he's called a "Spoken Word Artist." There's just something about his voice and phrasing of the poem that makes it so melodic/haunting.  Also, it's probably the saddest poem I've ever read and Marie (and I guess anyone at my last birthday party) can confirm that I listen more sad folk music than anyone should. 

And if you dare, here's the poem-only version.

If you made it through those, you probably should have a dance party to return your mood to normal.

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