Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 4 & Rosemary Day

Last Sunday was the 8th anniversary of my mom's passing.  Beth had the perfect idea of having a "Rosemary Day."  Growing up, we all had our sodas.  I had Sunkist, Bill had Coke, Roey had Mellow Yellow and Mom & Dad had Diet Coke.  My mom happened to also love Sunkist, so she'd drink my Sunkist first and when that was gone, she'd switch over to Diet Coke, which infuriated me to no end, since I hated Diet Coke.  Anyway, she'd *always* get this crazy Sunkist mustache when she drank out of a bottle, so Beth & I tried to recreate this phenomenon.   It was pretty hilarious, because it was really painful to have the soda actually come in contact with your skin.  How did she do it?
We couldn't drink much of it that way, but we both got pretty solid mustaches, which lasted most of the day.
I also made some tuna casserole, which was my very favorite thing she made! Yum!
I also pretended she loved frozen yogurt, which I guess is probably true, but I played it up a little bit, because we both really needed Yogurtland.

After we our mustaches, we played some awesome tennis and afterwards, played Phase 10 at Wash Park.  Did I mention my mom LOVED hamburgers...haha...We had the most amazing burgers at the Cherry Cricket, then went back to the park for a good view of the Country Club's fireworks.


  1. *LOVED* hamburgers! And rumor has it, the Yogurtland in Northwood closed down about 8 years ago. Coincidence??? I think not.

  2. Mmmm those fries look delish!!