Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First Day Home! The Playground

I made the loooong drive to North Dakota two weekends ago! I stayed overnight in Valentine, NE and got to have breakfast with a friend of mine who just moved to Pierre, SD on Saturday morning.
I picked up Roey in Fargo & we had a yummy meal at Hu-Hot with Alesha.
Poor Roey, I used to make her watch foreign films on our drives back to Northwood, when, of course she couldn't understand anything or read the subtitles!  I pulled the same type of stunt this time.  I was SO close to finishing my audiobook, Middlesex, and I couldn't just stop listening, so I made her listen to the ending of a book that she had zero interest in and have never even heard of.  What a good sister she is!
I was so happy to get to Northwood to find my whole family at the farm!  We had a night of fireworks, misquitos, Oliver barks and the most violent hugs.
On Sunday morning, we met for church & breakfast and of course, some playground time.
I love this picture of Katherine!

This video is so funny to me.  He managed to get off before he threw up, so the video has a happy ending afterall.

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