Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dress Shopping

Yesterday, the Olson's had a full day of all things wedding!
Roey had a few of her favorite dresses picked out at a few different places around Fargo/Moorhead.  She looked so amazing in all of them - it was impossible to pick a favorite!!
Our last stop was at David's Bridal and everyone was a little crazy at this point...by everyone, I mean Katherine Rose Olson.  You should've heard the songs that she was belting out in the dressing room.
The bride next to Roey was trying on a gigantic dress made of 100 yards of tulle! Katherine was so in love....soooo obsessed.  She kept telling that bride to buy it and then she moved on and told Roey to buy it.  Roey gave in and tried it on & Katherine's day was made.
We had a productive day though (besides Dad locking the keys in the trunk)! We all found the perfect dresses.

This is Roey's color: GUAVA.  People like to say GUAVA.


  1. Hahahah, this is too too cute!

  2. I love how Catherine is trying to steal the show in Roey's wedding dress picture!