Thursday, July 21, 2011

Country Dog/City Dog

Oliver wasn't really up for a big photo shoot for Roey's birthday (like this one), but he couldn't not celebrate the day at all!!
He came down with some pretty unsightly skin problem in North Dakota & he also cut his little paw pad.  He hasn't slowed down at all (except when he tried to walk or climb steps while wearing the cone) and I know his time on the farm was well worth it.  I appreciate my Dad & Rose dogsitting SO much!
Our Denver vet put a tiny cast on his leg, which Oliver promptly ripped off, hence, the cone.  I put it on him when I go to work, but it's never on when I get home!

My brother told me that Oliver needed to wear a hat when he's out in public.  I told him not to laugh too hard, because yes, Oliver of course has a hat.
This photo was taken when I first got him.  Marie got that tiny hat off a teddy bear, I think!  It would disguise his spots nicely!

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