Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding!

How can I possibly make only one post about my best friend's wedding
 day!  Actually, I probably will make more than one post, but this will be the first.
First of all, I need to thank Jill Balgaard for getting this song into my head, maybe forever, I don't know.  So here's some easy listening while you read about the wedding!

I was lucky enough to spend a few pre-wedding days with Robby, Karley and the Balgaard's!  I just love Karley's family.

When Robby & Karley gave me a ride to the airport in December, they had a huge pine tree in the car with them (along with about anything else you can think of) and I had to sit on Karley's lap.  Why would this time be any different?  Here are a pair of dying crabapples in the car with us.  They took up far less space, so I could sit in my own seat, which is so boring!

Wednesday night, we ran errands and dined at our favorite place, Doolittles!! We got all the classics: walleye fingers, chicken & wild rice soup & cajin chicken pasta.  Karley & I used to have competitions to see who could be nicer, at the mall, for example, so, at Doolittles we had a contest to see who could write the nicest comment card.  Karley's won for overall enthusiasm, ("I was WOWED") and mine won for specific examples of what I liked about our experience.

On Wednesday night, we stayed in the "Balgaard's Waterside Suite," which is a premium camper parked by the lake.  Karley was wearing her headlamp and right before we closed our eyes, she waved it around, which illuminated a GIANT spider lowering itself to our bed!  I screamed, pushed Karley out of the way and ran to the other side of the camper, while Karley killed the spider.

We picked flowers for the wedding at Myrna's house - the sweetest lady ever. 

Karley's practicing wedding poses in Discount Dollar's parking lot.  So in love!

I felt so honored to stand next to Karley on such a big day.  Actually, I always feel honored to stand next to Karley.
The rain stayed away & they had a perfect ceremony at the farm with their families.

Yet another reason to love this couple.  Yes, this was the morning after their wedding. 8am 5K race!

The Norwegians finally meet. Mr. Olson & Mr. Balgaard.
Then it was time to say goodbye to Minnesota and all the Minnesotans I love so much! Until next time!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Predictable Me

Exhibit A
I sent this City & Colour song to Beth and simply asked her to listen to the song and tell me if she liked it or not.

To which she replied, "I feel like if i do like this, that means i'll be attending a concert with you in the near future. True or false?"

{P.S. She LOVES him & I'm getting us tickets next week.}

Exhibit B
Me: what color dress do you want to wear?
Beth: for what?
Beth: What dress do i want to wear? My wedding dress. Favorite color: green
Me: I crack myself up
Beth: what are you drawing in paint?
Me: Crap.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Roey

As Oliver just showcased, today is Roey's Birthday! I so wish I was celebrating with her, but I can't complain, because we had such a good time together last week.
She's going to have such an amazing year - I know that for sure!
I'm so lucky to have a Roey...and so is Mons.

Country Dog/City Dog

Oliver wasn't really up for a big photo shoot for Roey's birthday (like this one), but he couldn't not celebrate the day at all!!
He came down with some pretty unsightly skin problem in North Dakota & he also cut his little paw pad.  He hasn't slowed down at all (except when he tried to walk or climb steps while wearing the cone) and I know his time on the farm was well worth it.  I appreciate my Dad & Rose dogsitting SO much!
Our Denver vet put a tiny cast on his leg, which Oliver promptly ripped off, hence, the cone.  I put it on him when I go to work, but it's never on when I get home!

My brother told me that Oliver needed to wear a hat when he's out in public.  I told him not to laugh too hard, because yes, Oliver of course has a hat.
This photo was taken when I first got him.  Marie got that tiny hat off a teddy bear, I think!  It would disguise his spots nicely!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My trip home: the sleepover

 No trip back to ND would be complete without a crazy/hectic, I-could-never-have-kids, no-sleep sleepover!
We painted our nails and shot a BB gun. Typical Sunday night, right?  And as is now tradition, we did crafts.  I always help Katherine with her glitter and painting and Roey helps Joey with his complex, detail-oriented car-making.  Katherine also tried to go sledding down the driveway, but I think she was confusing that with our Christmas sleepover. Whoops!
Katherine had to take some medication before bed, so that would clearly fall under Roey's responsibilities, but I think Katherine sensed my discomfort of all things medical and yelled for me to do it.  I asked her, "Would you rather have a nurse give you medicine or a librarian?"  And she said, "Mary!!"
I brought everyone a little souveneir from New Orleans and when I gave Katherine the hippo, she said, "What else do you have?"  But it grew on her apparently and she named it Diamond.

More Glitter!!

What a patient little dog!
Joey read us a goodnight story, Super Diaper Baby 2: The Invasion of the Potty Snatchers.
He gave us a little background, so we knew what was happening.  It's so adorable to listen to him read.  I took over reading when he was tired and there are tons of words spelled wrong and you can about guess the subject matter! I asked him why everything was spelled so strangely and he said, "Because it's written by 2 dumb kids."  Fair enough, I guess!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First Day Home! The Playground

I made the loooong drive to North Dakota two weekends ago! I stayed overnight in Valentine, NE and got to have breakfast with a friend of mine who just moved to Pierre, SD on Saturday morning.
I picked up Roey in Fargo & we had a yummy meal at Hu-Hot with Alesha.
Poor Roey, I used to make her watch foreign films on our drives back to Northwood, when, of course she couldn't understand anything or read the subtitles!  I pulled the same type of stunt this time.  I was SO close to finishing my audiobook, Middlesex, and I couldn't just stop listening, so I made her listen to the ending of a book that she had zero interest in and have never even heard of.  What a good sister she is!
I was so happy to get to Northwood to find my whole family at the farm!  We had a night of fireworks, misquitos, Oliver barks and the most violent hugs.
On Sunday morning, we met for church & breakfast and of course, some playground time.
I love this picture of Katherine!

This video is so funny to me.  He managed to get off before he threw up, so the video has a happy ending afterall.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dress Shopping

Yesterday, the Olson's had a full day of all things wedding!
Roey had a few of her favorite dresses picked out at a few different places around Fargo/Moorhead.  She looked so amazing in all of them - it was impossible to pick a favorite!!
Our last stop was at David's Bridal and everyone was a little crazy at this everyone, I mean Katherine Rose Olson.  You should've heard the songs that she was belting out in the dressing room.
The bride next to Roey was trying on a gigantic dress made of 100 yards of tulle! Katherine was so in love....soooo obsessed.  She kept telling that bride to buy it and then she moved on and told Roey to buy it.  Roey gave in and tried it on & Katherine's day was made.
We had a productive day though (besides Dad locking the keys in the trunk)! We all found the perfect dresses.

This is Roey's color: GUAVA.  People like to say GUAVA.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 4 & Rosemary Day

Last Sunday was the 8th anniversary of my mom's passing.  Beth had the perfect idea of having a "Rosemary Day."  Growing up, we all had our sodas.  I had Sunkist, Bill had Coke, Roey had Mellow Yellow and Mom & Dad had Diet Coke.  My mom happened to also love Sunkist, so she'd drink my Sunkist first and when that was gone, she'd switch over to Diet Coke, which infuriated me to no end, since I hated Diet Coke.  Anyway, she'd *always* get this crazy Sunkist mustache when she drank out of a bottle, so Beth & I tried to recreate this phenomenon.   It was pretty hilarious, because it was really painful to have the soda actually come in contact with your skin.  How did she do it?
We couldn't drink much of it that way, but we both got pretty solid mustaches, which lasted most of the day.
I also made some tuna casserole, which was my very favorite thing she made! Yum!
I also pretended she loved frozen yogurt, which I guess is probably true, but I played it up a little bit, because we both really needed Yogurtland.

After we our mustaches, we played some awesome tennis and afterwards, played Phase 10 at Wash Park.  Did I mention my mom LOVED hamburgers...haha...We had the most amazing burgers at the Cherry Cricket, then went back to the park for a good view of the Country Club's fireworks.

9 Days to Go!

I'm working on a little craft project for Karley's wedding!  Thank you Beth, for strongly urging me to buy stencils.  I won't sleep until it's perfect.  (Yawn) I do have 9 days I guess!

Cherry Creek Arts Fest

On Monday morning, Nicole & I boiled ourselves at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival.  We browsed the exhibits, but not for long - all we wanted to do was find air conditioning.  We got our street tacos & smoothies and nearly ran into the mall for some AC!  Nicole pretty much ran over all the other pedestrians waiting in the crosswalk.
Immediately after we left the festival last year, I made Nicole go with me to Bed, Bath & Beyond so I could buy a fan for my apartment.  I think if I didn't already have one, I would've done the exact same thing this year!
Where is he taking those hula hoops?!

Nicole convinced me to get a refreshing smoothie instead of my usual strawberry kabob.  It was too hot for chocolate!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tennis Skills in Action

I've been looking for a chance to make some animated gifs and tennis seemed like the perfect opportunity.  Beth & I took a break from our intense match to snap some pictures.  And yes, the ball I hit actually hit her in the face. I can't even look at these, because they make me super nauseous, but I hope you enjoy.

webcam to gif

how to make gifs

City Park...All Day Long

Sunday morning I walked to City Park, read Confederacy of Dunces and got a little color, of the red variety.
I brought the fleece blanket that my mom made for me. RIP Max, the dalmation.

Later that day, Marie & I went to Jazz in the Park.  I've never sat so close! The Denver Municipal Band was performing - You should know that they are all professional musicians.  We were reminded of this fact in between every song.  Anyway, it was a good concert & a fun night!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

AHHHHH!!!! OMG!!!!!

Remember in the last post when I talked about screaming during the fireworks?! Well, Beth Ann Summerfield also has that trait apparently.  She was standing right underneath the fireworks and got this ahhhh-maaazzzing video of the same fireworks show I saw!

3rd Annual Rockies/Fireworks!

 Last night, Marie & I went to our 3rd Annual 4th of July weekend Rockies Game.  Here's 2009 & 2010
Marie toured Hammond's Candy last week, so she brought us some themed treats.  We were the envy of every child!

The Rockies won, 9-0, over the Kansas City Royals!

Okay, to get in the mood for these next few photos, you should probably start listening to this song.
Best fireworks ever!!
I was sitting behind Marie as we watched the fireworks and I'd scream in her ear (totally involuntary) when the really dramatic fireworks would start.  Marie was a little more reserved and would use words when she liked something.