Monday, June 6, 2011

Did you even get chocolate yogurt? Saturday!

  • Yesterday, my neighbors moved out & Oliver (along with most of the other dogs in the complex) were extremely concerned/distressed.  You can tell how upset he was by the number of lines on the top of his head.
  • Beth & I had our first experience at Yogurtland.  It was so cheap, but the massive amount of people yelling about their toppings & the tinyness of the store may have caused me a claustrophic/anxiety fit.
  • Marie & I went to see Billy Elliot: The Musical.  It was a bit underwhelming, but enjoyable.  The parts that made me laugh the most were the similarities to the tv show, Arrested Development. (exhibit a, and exhibit b)


  1. That yogurt looks delish! Which 5 year old did you go with? Sure are a lot of sprinkles on that one to the left........

  2. Is that corn in your yogurt?!

  3. oh my gosh jill! hahahha We were actually joking about veggies as toppings, because Beth loves them more than anything! Reeses Pieces?