Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Sun Feels So Good: Saturday

Karley was still on Central Time & I just couldn't sleep in, so we woke up at 5:30 and made pancakes!  There was only one minor fire, but it wouldn't be the same if we didn't have some kitchen drama.  We were planning on going to the Cinco de Mayo Parade + festival dowtown, but since we woke up so early, we had time to kill!  We painted our nails & watched all the clips of "Extreme Couponing" we could find on youtube.
Then we made our way downtown.  I read in the paper there were supposed to TONS of people at the festival & multiple roads would be closed, plus I still have the mentality I live in the suburbs, so we took the light rail.

Waiting for the parade to start...Where are all the people?

After that "parade," we made our way down the 16th Street Mall to Dixon's.  Duluth is still pretty chilly this time of year, so Karley's only requirement was that we eat outside!
I kept telling her how good the homemade potato chips were at Dixon's, but when we got there, the server said they've never had potato chips..whoops!  The food was still super yumm!
Don't get distracted by Karley's smile...notice to her left..yes, you're seeing right, that is Jesus, complete with the cross & crown of thorns.

After lunch, we did a bit of shopping!  I still haven't found my maid of honor dress for Karley's wedding and when we stopped in Anthropologie, she had me try on this one as a possibility.  It was so unflattering, but I just LOVE that she's a bride that would love a dress like this!!

We bought some snackies + wine and made our way to City Park.  Oliver was feeling a little neglected, so he tagged along.  He barked at everyone/thing was a superb guard dog!!
Karley could not get over the warm hot temps and she kept saying, "The sun feels soooo good."

We stayed at the park as long as possible, and when we finally got home, we opened the ice cream and watched a really cute movie, Revenge of the Bridesmaids.  99% of the time, Karley has fallen asleep when we've watched movies, but this time, she was wide awake!!
It was such a perfect day!

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