Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Sneak!

 This morning, Adam, Loren & I ran the Cherry Creek Sneak 5K!  This is our 3rd run as a party of 3 and I'm certain this was our very best run yet!
It was so much less crowded than the Race for the Cure, plus this race had free beer at the finish line..not only beer, but my favorite beer, Summer Shandy.
Loren & I had an unofficial running partner, who was definitely over 80.  But, in our defense, 80-year-olds in Denver are not like any other 80-years-olds.  We beat him anyways.

They had a mini petting zoo and this tiny horse was just standing in the street.  He reminded me of the episode with Li'l Sebastian on Parks & Recreation.    

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