Sunday, May 22, 2011


Yesterday felt like the Saturday I always want to have - reading, naps, friends & parks!  I spent the entire morning reading.  I'm so hooked on Tina Fey's new book.  I tried to read it at the gym yesterday, but I got so many weird looks due to my laughing out loud and I realized after 60 minutes on the bike, I hadn't broken a sweat.
A new Buffalo Wild Wings opened near where Nicole & I used to live, so we met there for lunch.  Apparently they weren't officially open & it was "training day," so, not only did we get 150% awesome service, the meal was completely free!  We weren't on the list, but Nicole got there before me and somehow got us in - yay Nicole!

Oliver & I spent the rest of the windy afternoon at Cheeseman Park.  We ran enough to actually tire him out - he even laid down in the grass, which has happened maybe twice before!

And, another Paper Bird song to leave you with!


  1. Hum - sounds awfully familiar to our workout this morning. 60 minutes on a bike w/o breaking a sweat. Right?! WRONG.

  2. Wyatt looks in shock, it must have been because of the free lunch.