Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Karley's Visit: Friday!

Karley flew in on Friday and flew home yesterday (sad)! We squeezed more things into 2 1/2 days than I ever could've imagined, but it was seriously worth it.  I have to break it up by days or else it'll be a serious overload of awesomeness, so here's Friday night!
She didn't arrive until pretty late, so we just came back to my apartment to make a plan for the weekend.
She was creeped out by the tiny hands on my bookshelf, which started as pieces from a doll Oliver had as part of his Halloween costume, but that I kept to basically recreate Kristen Wiig in the Lawrence Welk SNL videos.

Karley brought me a present all the way from Duluth!  They were heart-shaped rocks from Lake Superior.  She even made a little box to store them in!

Karley's met Oliver multiple times, but they didn't exactly hit it off.   Oliver lost it when she called him the most odd looking dog she'd ever seen.

Karley Meets Oliver from Mary Olson on Vimeo.

We went to bed early to get a good start on Saturday.  Karley woke up during the night and asked me what time it was...I said, "2:45" and she said, "Okay, I'm still a little tired."  I'm an early bird, but waking up before 3am is just showing off.

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