Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Just Ran Farther Than I Ever Have: Sunday

On Sunday morning, we HAD to wake up earlier, but we still woke up much earlier than necessary.  Karley is training for a marathon and one of the conditions of her visit was definitely running.  Karley's optimism is so contagious, so by the end of a phone conversation we had early on, not only did I agree to run the race, but I was excited about it. Ugh!
Karley made us matching shirts that said, "Race 2 Remember," with my mom's name on them.  It was so thoughtful of her...and it made it harder to complain about the distance, the fatigue, the heat, the wind..etc, etc..  Karley said, "Just think how proud your mom would be." And yes, I'm sure she would be, but I can hear her saying, "What in the world would you do that for?"
When we got there, we realized that 9K actually means 9.9K.  How tricky of them, eh ? Less than halfway through I was tempted to send angry text messages to Karley, but I refrained and by the end, I was in a really good mood.  It was definitely the longest I've ever ran...which I kept reminding her of throughout the remainder of her visit.

We had planned to go to Boulder after the race, but Karley wanted to see mountains, so we made a quick pit-stop in Estes Park.  We again, had to eat outside, but we were having trouble deciding.  We got a patio table at a little place called the Wild Rose.  The server said that he gave us an extra shot in our margaritas and it went downhill from there.  The food was soooo disgusting! Like, Kitchen Nightmares disgusting!! We figured he gave us an extra shot, so we wouldn't notice how horrible the food was. Let's not talk about that anymore.  Moving on.......we spent a bit of time walking around the shops and enjoying the views, then we made our way to Boulder.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the Pearl Street Mall.  Karley said that this made up for the Wild Rose fiasco, so I was relieved to hear that!
We shopped around and enjoyed all the, well, most of the street performers.
Before heading back to Denver, we continued the unsuccessful search for the mysterious wedding tie Karley & Robby fell in love with at Banana Republic.  I bet we stopped at 5 stores and had no luck. 

$5 for a lemonade and the sticker is still on the lemon! What gives!
I have been dying to try the wine bar a few blocks down my street and since I knew it had a patio, I suggested that as a meet up place for our evening plans.
Beth & Karley used to work together in Fargo, so we just had to see her, plus her mom was in town and that was just a bonus!  The wine bar was all around perfect and we had the very best time and laughed way too much!!  By this time, we had forgotten all about our unfortunate lunch.
Halfway through the night, Karley said, "Oh yeah! Welcome to my Bachelorette Party!!!!"
 She also attempted to be a bridezilla by making Beth give her some rhubarb jam.
We walked home & went straight to bed...because if you remember, I had run the farthest I'd ever ran that morning.  Zzzzzzz

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