Thursday, May 12, 2011

Don't Go!!! Monday

Karley's flight didn't leave until 1:30pm on Monday, so we had some time to waste in the morning.  I wanted to take her to the cutest breakfast place around, so we walked to Snooze.  Every single morning when I drive by, there are people lined up outside, waiting for a table, but we were again, so early, that there was only one other table seated.
We had such a difficult time ordering, but we both lucked out and had to-die-for breakfasts! We shared a blueberry lemon bar pancake with cream cheese topping. My mouth is watering!! I bet Loren could make those!

After breakfast, we went to JoAnn's for a last minute craft project - dying Karley's vintage clutch for the wedding.  What a process!
Then, I forced her to watch the Ruby Show.
Beth hates the Ruby Show and especially hates when I do my Ruby impression. I can't really blame her.
On Sunday, I told Karley about Ruby and I said if she could do a Ruby impression to Beth (and have Beth know she was being Ruby), I'd give her $2.  Ruby has her own slang, like hacky means happy + excited & she says "essited" instead of "excited," so those were the easy ways to get to Beth.  Karley pulled through and, at the wine bar, broke out her Ruby impression.  I also may have told Karley to talk about Ruby like she was the greastest woman ever.  It was so perfect!!
I had to get this on video to torture Beth with foreverrrrrr!! so I made Karley do another impression before she left. It makes me so HACKY to watch this on repeat!!  Afterall, what are best friends for if not to use to annoying other best friends.

We wore our matching shirts to the airport!

It was sooooo sad to see Karley go and, by the looks of this picture, she was sad to leave too!
We had the very best bachelorette weekend imagineable.  I can't believe the next time I see her will be for her WEDDING!

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