Wednesday, April 13, 2011

this changes everything

Most of the time, I'm completely fine not having an iphone.  I have an ipod touch to supplement my Droid, but it doesn't have a camera, so I have no spiffy camera apps.  I always end up searching for the "generic" version of whatever the latest iphone app is and usually I can find something that is good enough.
I've been seeing these grid photos everywhere and I'm embarassed to say I did every type of search, both online and on my phone to figure out the generic droid version...and today, I found it!!!! I saw someone on twitter looking for droid camera recommendations and I downloaded the winner!  It's exactly what I wanted!
The photos above are from my little librarian office!


  1. That's so fun! What app is it? I have a droid too...I wish I could find something like the instapic or whatever it is app.

  2. This one is called the Vignette's the free version. I used to use Retro Cam, but this seems way better! You can take pictures of your adorable little baby!

  3. Ooh, I have Vignette (the full version), just haven't played around with the effects it has or anything. You know, limited window of time for getting pictures of Abby while she's happy!

  4. i officially downloaded all of these camera apps and (judging by my blogeroo) am addicted. am currently searching for app-addiction counselors in my area.

    ps- have you tried fx camera? it makes a spiffy polaroid, i tell ya what.

  5. Yay! Thanks for the tip! I'm already downloading it. Now I feel bad for giving Dennis, the Droid a hard time about the lack of apps!