Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Emily & I have been trying to make another XC ski trip for months.  We've planned weekends, only to be forced into cancelling due to the weather forecast.  Then we text each other on the day we're supposed to be skiing, commenting on how beautiful the weather was and that we should've gone anyway.
So, this time, the forecast said light snow for Frisco, so we decided Sunday would be our day!  When we left Denver it was sooo warm - definitely t-shirt weather, but as we headed west, it turned sour!

It obviously wasn't our day to ski, so we decided to stop for lunch and head back to Denver...because classy people drive to the mountains just to have lunch...and we're very classy.
Well, in the time it took for us to have our lunch, they had closed the interstate heading east!  We had no choice but to shop the outlets...the very poorly laid out outlets.
If you're going to be stranded somewhere, I recommend it be with Emily.  She kept me entertained for sure!  I love her love for nature, especially fly fisherman!
It was getting late and the interstate still hadn't opened and we were just about to venture on a different route, but we needed to stop for snacks - and even though we didn't technically ski, (my skis were in the back..close enough) we had to stick with our Funyuns tradition.  The lady at the gas station mentioned that the interstate was open and within minutes we were heading back to Denver, through rain, snow, fog and sunshine.

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