Sunday, April 3, 2011

Merry Christmas Date

Last night, Emily, Natalia & I celebrated a belated Christmas by seeing Paper Bird at the Gothic. I hadn't given them their Christmas presents yet, but they love me anyway!
We ate on the patio of Pasquini's beforehand and Emily & Natalia are so hilarious that I cried all my mascara off...but my red lipstick didn't go anywhere.
 We saw the Carry On Ballet a few months ago and were so impressed by Paper Bird, we had to see them again!
There were two opening acts, Princess Music and A.Tom Collins.
A.Tom Collins was so fun.  I love hearing so many instruments!  They had woodwinds, brass..the works!  I kept telling the girls we need to start a band, but they were pretty hesitant.

a. Tom Collins - Pants Off Dance Off by StealThisTrack

And, of course, Paper Bird was soooo good!  They have probably the best harmonies I've ever heard!

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