Saturday, April 23, 2011

Here comes the Bride!!

Karley called me on Thursday morning and gave me the best news ever!  She's coming to Denver for a visit!  When she called, I was walking Oliver & caught in a rain shower and could barely hear her over the traffic - I couldn't believe the news I was hearing!
I just know we are going to have the very best time.  We're going to make it a mini-bachelorette party!
Karley is in the process of training for a marathon, so to keep her on track, we registered for a 9K in  Boulder.
I am in no shape to do one, but she can literally talk me into doing and loving anything before I even know what happened to me! I'd run a lot farther to spend the weekend with this pretty lady!

greedy dog

Contemplating how to fit two treats in his mouth.
He had the same problem at Loren's in November...on a slightly larger scale.

photo from Loren's Blog!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

we found a new park

rockies vs. cubs

On Sunday, Beth & I caught an early Palm Sunday service at the Cathedral and made our way downtown for the Rockies Game!  We accidentally stumbled upon bottomless mimosas at the ChopHouse, so we were just a tish late for the game, depending on your definition of a tish.
Apparently it was, "Show us your scar Sunday," because somehow we ended up seeing a scar on our bartender's actual eyeball, Beth's friend's biking scar and a random girl's skateboarding scar.
I love how all the seats look totally deserted.  Fine by us, because the people directly behind us were super annoying!
Anyway, the Rockies won!

Monday, April 18, 2011

8-year-old Mary would be so proud

On Saturday morning, Beth & I decided to try tennis for the 2nd time this season.  We had to drive all around town, because ALL the courts were full...and we didn't want to embarrass any of the other tennis players with our immense talent.

I had way too much fun at Target last week and bought a $3 kite and a little jump rope as well.  I got the mature, workout rope instead of the cute, pink sparkle one, so I felt practical.  
When I was little, I remember it being so difficult to get the kite flying - I needed some to help me.  I was skeptical, since there was barely a slight breeze, but it flew like a little Barbie bird!

And, of course, what would a day at the park be without a picnic of strawberries. I think Beth brought some other food as well.  I don't remember.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

my little soul mate

I really love super mellow music, so it really shocked me when I discovered I also love rap.  I only listen to it when I work out & I can only work out when I'm listening to it.  Beth loves when I text her rap lyrics (do you call them lyrics?) during at 6am.  She even said so here.
I love waking up & rap music is the first thing I hear, so when I saw this video, I thought, finally, someone gets me.
I also have a crush on 50 Cent because of this video

this changes everything

Most of the time, I'm completely fine not having an iphone.  I have an ipod touch to supplement my Droid, but it doesn't have a camera, so I have no spiffy camera apps.  I always end up searching for the "generic" version of whatever the latest iphone app is and usually I can find something that is good enough.
I've been seeing these grid photos everywhere and I'm embarassed to say I did every type of search, both online and on my phone to figure out the generic droid version...and today, I found it!!!! I saw someone on twitter looking for droid camera recommendations and I downloaded the winner!  It's exactly what I wanted!
The photos above are from my little librarian office!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

This weekend

This weekend I....

  • Got this song stuck in my head after celebrating Emily's birthday with Mumbai's Finest DJ!
  • Got the most painful manicure ever (yes, there was blood), had a yummy sushi lunch and got some cute goodies for my kitchen, including a strawberry kitchen timer! Read Beth's cute post here!
  • Screened Karley's pre-7am phone call, but felt guilty and called her back.
  • Saw Cedar Rapids with Marie.
  • Found the missing Phase 10 card and Oliver found a tiny paper pillow.


Nicole won tickets to an acoustic concert called AuNaturAlice, put on by the radio station & was so sweet to invite me to join her.  I love acoustic music, so this was just perfect for me.

We grabbed supper at the Spitfire Grill & were early enough to the show to get pretty decent seats.  We saw Andy Grammer, Parachute, Default and the infamous Hanson.  Nicole didn't admit that she was a Hanson fan until we actually got there.  I maybe teased her a bit, but then I told her to suck it up, because 99% of people don't like my music choices and don't even get me started about the TV show, Ruby.
Anyway, I was so impressed by all the bands and overall, it was just a fun night!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Matchy matchy

I bet Beth has some quote about what it means if you start dressing like your coffee mug.  At least it's just the handle, not the face!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Have I mentioned I love mornings?


Emily & I have been trying to make another XC ski trip for months.  We've planned weekends, only to be forced into cancelling due to the weather forecast.  Then we text each other on the day we're supposed to be skiing, commenting on how beautiful the weather was and that we should've gone anyway.
So, this time, the forecast said light snow for Frisco, so we decided Sunday would be our day!  When we left Denver it was sooo warm - definitely t-shirt weather, but as we headed west, it turned sour!

It obviously wasn't our day to ski, so we decided to stop for lunch and head back to Denver...because classy people drive to the mountains just to have lunch...and we're very classy.
Well, in the time it took for us to have our lunch, they had closed the interstate heading east!  We had no choice but to shop the outlets...the very poorly laid out outlets.
If you're going to be stranded somewhere, I recommend it be with Emily.  She kept me entertained for sure!  I love her love for nature, especially fly fisherman!
It was getting late and the interstate still hadn't opened and we were just about to venture on a different route, but we needed to stop for snacks - and even though we didn't technically ski, (my skis were in the back..close enough) we had to stick with our Funyuns tradition.  The lady at the gas station mentioned that the interstate was open and within minutes we were heading back to Denver, through rain, snow, fog and sunshine.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Merry Christmas Date

Last night, Emily, Natalia & I celebrated a belated Christmas by seeing Paper Bird at the Gothic. I hadn't given them their Christmas presents yet, but they love me anyway!
We ate on the patio of Pasquini's beforehand and Emily & Natalia are so hilarious that I cried all my mascara off...but my red lipstick didn't go anywhere.
 We saw the Carry On Ballet a few months ago and were so impressed by Paper Bird, we had to see them again!
There were two opening acts, Princess Music and A.Tom Collins.
A.Tom Collins was so fun.  I love hearing so many instruments!  They had woodwinds, brass..the works!  I kept telling the girls we need to start a band, but they were pretty hesitant.

a. Tom Collins - Pants Off Dance Off by StealThisTrack

And, of course, Paper Bird was soooo good!  They have probably the best harmonies I've ever heard!


Yes, this is my workout partner eating frozen yogurt.  She didn't have to ask me twice to skip our Friday afternoon workout and go to Pinkberry instead.  I convinced myself I needed a day off, but when I got home, Oliver & I went on our best run yet!!  It must've been the gummy bears.

Friday, April 1, 2011

i love this morning

I poached my first egg, had coffee in my new favorite mug & talked to my favorite friend Karley while walking a hyper little dog who likes to smell daffodils.