Thursday, March 3, 2011

Roey's Getting Married!!!

 My best friend in the whole entire universe (who just so happens to be my sister) is getting married!! Roey & Steve got engaged this past Christmas and when I heard, I jumped higher than I ever have!
On the way to Christmas Eve dinner at Roey's, our little nephew Joey said, "Can I call him Uncle Steve?" and Jamie said, "Well, you better hold off on that, but probably soon!"  We all really love Steve - He's a welcome addition to our Phase 10 game.  Katherine even named an annoying kitten after him, Stebe (who I think has since passed away).
One of the last really nice moments with my mom consisted of wedding talk.  She was appalled when I said I didn't like veils or red roses (at that time), so I told her that Roey would have both of those things in her wedding, which satisfied her.  My mom was very opinionated and blunt. I promised Roey that I would channel her when I saw Roey's potential wedding dresses.  I've been practing and I'm getting really good.  I'm ready to fill that role!
P.S. Roey's going to be such an amazing mom.  She makes the best summer sausage sandwiches (on toast) and the best milkshakes. 


  1. I love love love everything about this post!!!!! Everything.

  2. so sweet -since I wasn't granted a sister, I was paid back with wonderful sister-in-laws like you 2 n Leslie. I guess God has a plan always:)