Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hu-Hot? We-Hot!

Having both moved to Denver from Fargo, Beth & I often reminisce about our Fargo lives.  At some point in those conversations (complete with our fake, thick Norweigan accents), we usually have to call Roey to ask her what a certain neighborhood was called or what the trashy grocery store chain was.  One of those conversations led us to talking about HuHot, if you're Beth, you'd call it HuHut.  And while there isn't a Doolittles or a Snap Dragon in Colorado, there is a HuHot, so that's where we went on Saturday!
Day Trip to Colorado Springs! P.S. All the photos are Beth's.

HuHot was super yummy, just as we remembered!!
Afterwards, we stopped for Iced Coffee Boba teas...which I have never had before.  I was hesitant about eating the bobas, but they weren't bad!  It was way too funny to watch them climb up the straws, asking, "Did I get one??" and watching Beth trying to spit them out the window. 

We found a perfect picnic basket at goodwill, spent well over an hour in World Market, were lost 90% of the time, applied red lipstick 432 times, stopped at Buffalo Wild Wings, made really bad puns including the words hu and hot & made our long drive back to Denver!
When I got back home, I saw Oliver had a package from my brother's was Oliver's belated Christmas gift, the indestructible duck! He loooooves it.

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  1. You are SOOO dang cute! This blog is adorable :) Happy to be following it.