Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I've been having the most fun in DisneyWorld this past week with my family!  I'm back home now and of course will be posting a lot of pictures soon, but I just wanted to start with my favorite picture ever!
This picture was taken during one of the rides at Animal Kingdom. We sat in a jeep-type vehicle and drove like crazy trying to escape from the dinosaurs.  They jumped out of the dark and were so huge and loud.
My nephew, Joey, went on ever single ride he could...all of the scariest ones he could find.  He didn't make a noise or show any expression at all during any of the other rides, but this one got to him!  Can you see the little bit of red between my sister and dad? Yep, that's him...ducking!  No one had noticed he did it, until we saw this picture at the end of the ride.  We could not stop laughing!!

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