Thursday, March 31, 2011

coffee + strawberries

Two of my all time favorite things in one package and I was too scared to buy it!
It can't taste good, can it? 
The website says, "It's a taste that can't be put into words. You'll just have to try it for yourself." 
Okay, now I'm curious.

Hu-Hot? We-Hot!

Having both moved to Denver from Fargo, Beth & I often reminisce about our Fargo lives.  At some point in those conversations (complete with our fake, thick Norweigan accents), we usually have to call Roey to ask her what a certain neighborhood was called or what the trashy grocery store chain was.  One of those conversations led us to talking about HuHot, if you're Beth, you'd call it HuHut.  And while there isn't a Doolittles or a Snap Dragon in Colorado, there is a HuHot, so that's where we went on Saturday!
Day Trip to Colorado Springs! P.S. All the photos are Beth's.

HuHot was super yummy, just as we remembered!!
Afterwards, we stopped for Iced Coffee Boba teas...which I have never had before.  I was hesitant about eating the bobas, but they weren't bad!  It was way too funny to watch them climb up the straws, asking, "Did I get one??" and watching Beth trying to spit them out the window. 

We found a perfect picnic basket at goodwill, spent well over an hour in World Market, were lost 90% of the time, applied red lipstick 432 times, stopped at Buffalo Wild Wings, made really bad puns including the words hu and hot & made our long drive back to Denver!
When I got back home, I saw Oliver had a package from my brother's was Oliver's belated Christmas gift, the indestructible duck! He loooooves it.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Who's more excited for summer - me or Oliver?


I feel like sports are everywhere lately.  On Thursday, Emily & I went to Buffalo Wild Wings and waited over 45 minutes to get a table.  As we sat down in the loud, crowded restaurant, I noticed a basketball game playing on all the screens and I yelled over to Emily, "Soooo, is this some kind of championship or playoffs?" to which Emily replied, "Ummmm yes, this is the College Basketball tournament..March Madness."  How embarrassing!  Emily went on to impress me with her vast knowledge of college sports.
Meanwhile, I've been getting trash-talking texts from my 8-year-old nephew.  University of Denver has been playing the University of North Dakota in hockey lately...Frozen Four? Anyway, he's been making sure I know that DU has been losing.

  Today's texting totally melted my heart - his messages are in blue.

"Ha Ha you lost 6 to 1"
Oh Shoot! Is DU done then?
I guess I'll have to cheer to UND now!
Move here you can live in the basement with me
That sounds awesome!
Then do it
Can Oliver stay?
Why not

I can just imagine him teaching me 101 video games and me making him watch the Bachelor!  Haha  What could go wrong?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Yesterday, I felt like a real, live adult! I did my taxes, my apartment is 100% clean, and I cooked a real meal without bleeding or burning myself.  I did cut my hand just a tiny bit though.  My can-opener was broken, so it took me about 15 minutes and various tools and utensils to get the can open and I ended up with a small injury. ( Like father, like dad once used an actual screw to open a bottle of wine.)
Since this was the very first recipe I tried out of the cookbook Beth gave me, I invited her over to hold the bunny ears so I could watch a show without static share & watch the Biggest Loser...For some reason, we decided  the meal  should be a surprise and somewhere along the line, I convinced her it was a Hungarian dish.  I'll save the paprika for next time!

Monday, March 21, 2011

A cute little note I found on my car today!


Yesterday, Loren & Francie came over to work on the Vivid Dreams Blankets.  It gave me some much needed motivation.  I finished all the tiniest squares - all 104 of them!  Loren has been marking off her finished squares on the pattern, so I tried that too and was surprised that I'm almost halfway done!  I have about 40 of the 12cm squares left.

 Oliver gets really wound up after our walks and when he has a bone to hide or rehide, he'll stop at nothing to find the perfect hiding spot.  This morning I caught him in the my laundry basket. He was in the process of covering it up, but when he saw me see him, he took it and found a new spot for it.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Katherine's Performances

My niece Katherine is just about the cutest little girl ever!  She's definitely a little performer.  I caught a few of her many songs on video last week.  The first video is of course, from the Little of her very favorites.  She uses dramatic vibrato just like Roey does.
  The video below may be an original tune.  Some of the lyrics are hard to understand, but I know she talks about wiping her butt, then gives a little smirk afterwards and I'm pretty sure the chorus is "Mornings Suck."

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I've been having the most fun in DisneyWorld this past week with my family!  I'm back home now and of course will be posting a lot of pictures soon, but I just wanted to start with my favorite picture ever!
This picture was taken during one of the rides at Animal Kingdom. We sat in a jeep-type vehicle and drove like crazy trying to escape from the dinosaurs.  They jumped out of the dark and were so huge and loud.
My nephew, Joey, went on ever single ride he could...all of the scariest ones he could find.  He didn't make a noise or show any expression at all during any of the other rides, but this one got to him!  Can you see the little bit of red between my sister and dad? Yep, that's him...ducking!  No one had noticed he did it, until we saw this picture at the end of the ride.  We could not stop laughing!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oh, Hi there.

Roey's Getting Married!!!

 My best friend in the whole entire universe (who just so happens to be my sister) is getting married!! Roey & Steve got engaged this past Christmas and when I heard, I jumped higher than I ever have!
On the way to Christmas Eve dinner at Roey's, our little nephew Joey said, "Can I call him Uncle Steve?" and Jamie said, "Well, you better hold off on that, but probably soon!"  We all really love Steve - He's a welcome addition to our Phase 10 game.  Katherine even named an annoying kitten after him, Stebe (who I think has since passed away).
One of the last really nice moments with my mom consisted of wedding talk.  She was appalled when I said I didn't like veils or red roses (at that time), so I told her that Roey would have both of those things in her wedding, which satisfied her.  My mom was very opinionated and blunt. I promised Roey that I would channel her when I saw Roey's potential wedding dresses.  I've been practing and I'm getting really good.  I'm ready to fill that role!
P.S. Roey's going to be such an amazing mom.  She makes the best summer sausage sandwiches (on toast) and the best milkshakes.