Monday, February 28, 2011

Romeo & Juliet

Yesterday, Marie & I went for lunch at Madison Street before heading downtown for the Ballet.  We were early, so we grabbed yummy drinks at Backstage Coffee.  Our seats were up against the side on the 3rd floor, in a single file line.  I kept having the sensation of falling when I looked over the ledge, and Marie thought her rings were going to fall off!  We had a good birds-eye view of the crowd for people-watching and a pretty decent view of the stage.
There were three acts, and during the first, the usher told me to scoot towards the front, and a mother & daughter took our spots.  Then, during the third (and final) act, the husband came to join them, so I had to move again! I probably moved seats about 5 times and we weren't even the people in the wrong was the people behind us that were in the wrong spot.  It was such a mess.  The lady apologized afterwards, but I blame the usher.

Marie & I were both pretty underwhelmed by the whole performance.  There was so much filler-type dancing that seems so random and the orchestra wasn't that great either.  I was entertained watching the bassoon player, since I used to play it in high school.
I kept thinking that if Marie & I were bored (and we usually love these types of things) what were all these boyfriends and husbands thinking...and how in the world did they stay awake for 3+ hours?
It made me miss Harold Perrineau as Mercutio.

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