Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Photos from the Week!

Sunday was my 3-year anniversary at the library, so my boss brought me flowers! So sweet & pretty!! I love tulips, but they didn't really make it too long - they still look pretty upside down. I love being a librarian!

I was on a total dry streak with the blanket, but I got an email from Loren and I was suddently motivated to pick up the crochet hook.  There are supposed to be 104 of the 6cm squares and I've completed all the middle circles and I need to do the outside circle on 22 of them! I still have tons of the other sizes to make, but it'll be nice to check something off the list!

Oliver & I have been going to City Park every single morning.  I know I've probably posted 1432 pictures of this view, but it's so pretty, every single day! It was so purpley today.

Oliver will do literally anything to get a little sunlight.  It was so awkward watching him trying to balance on the arm rest and finally lay down.  He was so wobbly! Life is tough.

For my last item today, allow me to present Beth's brand spankin' new blog! Taa daaaa!!!  Beth is soooo funny & has the best attitude about life! I just love her.
Her latest post was about the random songs that you wake up singing, which I can definitely relate to.  And Marie knows that I've woken up singing this song way too many times.  Today I had a song from the Dangerous Minds Soundtrack in my head & the first thing I did when I opened my eyes was google the lyrics to find the song.  I listened to it all the way to & from the park.

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