Sunday, February 27, 2011

Packing is so hard

On Saturday, I watched episodes of Portlandia, had chocolate ice cream, got six free mirrors & a massive tower of chick lit.....I mean...I helped Beth pack.  We spent the morning and afternoon running errands and the rest of the time giggling...and the little time that was left, packing.  I got the most painful case of hiccups and nothing worked to get rid of them, until Beth suggested I eat a spoonful a sugar.  It almost made me gag, but it worked!
  I found this little gem of an ottoman on Craigslist.  It will be perfect after I re-cover it!  Oliver tried to claim it as his bed.

Right now, I have it at the foot of my bed and it reminds me of The Office Dinner Party Episode, where Michael has to sleep on the little bench because Jan has "space issues."

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