Thursday, February 10, 2011

Canvas & Cocktails

I am really the worst person to get surprised.  I love love love surprises, but I'm a guesser and impatient!!
So when Beth told me to leave Sunday morning open for a surprise, I lost it.
I drove her crazy by guessing and asking for hints!!Her main hint was that I should wear something I wouldn't mind getting dirty. I was 100% positive we were going XC skiing or snowshoeing, so Beth let me believe that, and told me to have my snowpants ready.

Beth came over & I made us pancakes..yummmm..and I was wearing crummy sweats (that I would XC ski in) so without giving too much away, she told me to look a little cuter...and no, we wouldn't be outside all day.
I was expecting a 2 hour drive to the mountains, but we ended up in Cherry Creek (at this point I had to close my eyes) at Canvas & Cocktails for their Mimosa Morning!
It was sooo much fun!  I think the Mimosa's were key in our success!

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