Monday, February 28, 2011

Romeo & Juliet

Yesterday, Marie & I went for lunch at Madison Street before heading downtown for the Ballet.  We were early, so we grabbed yummy drinks at Backstage Coffee.  Our seats were up against the side on the 3rd floor, in a single file line.  I kept having the sensation of falling when I looked over the ledge, and Marie thought her rings were going to fall off!  We had a good birds-eye view of the crowd for people-watching and a pretty decent view of the stage.
There were three acts, and during the first, the usher told me to scoot towards the front, and a mother & daughter took our spots.  Then, during the third (and final) act, the husband came to join them, so I had to move again! I probably moved seats about 5 times and we weren't even the people in the wrong was the people behind us that were in the wrong spot.  It was such a mess.  The lady apologized afterwards, but I blame the usher.

Marie & I were both pretty underwhelmed by the whole performance.  There was so much filler-type dancing that seems so random and the orchestra wasn't that great either.  I was entertained watching the bassoon player, since I used to play it in high school.
I kept thinking that if Marie & I were bored (and we usually love these types of things) what were all these boyfriends and husbands thinking...and how in the world did they stay awake for 3+ hours?
It made me miss Harold Perrineau as Mercutio.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Packing is so hard

On Saturday, I watched episodes of Portlandia, had chocolate ice cream, got six free mirrors & a massive tower of chick lit.....I mean...I helped Beth pack.  We spent the morning and afternoon running errands and the rest of the time giggling...and the little time that was left, packing.  I got the most painful case of hiccups and nothing worked to get rid of them, until Beth suggested I eat a spoonful a sugar.  It almost made me gag, but it worked!
  I found this little gem of an ottoman on Craigslist.  It will be perfect after I re-cover it!  Oliver tried to claim it as his bed.

Right now, I have it at the foot of my bed and it reminds me of The Office Dinner Party Episode, where Michael has to sleep on the little bench because Jan has "space issues."

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Photos from the Week!

Sunday was my 3-year anniversary at the library, so my boss brought me flowers! So sweet & pretty!! I love tulips, but they didn't really make it too long - they still look pretty upside down. I love being a librarian!

I was on a total dry streak with the blanket, but I got an email from Loren and I was suddently motivated to pick up the crochet hook.  There are supposed to be 104 of the 6cm squares and I've completed all the middle circles and I need to do the outside circle on 22 of them! I still have tons of the other sizes to make, but it'll be nice to check something off the list!

Oliver & I have been going to City Park every single morning.  I know I've probably posted 1432 pictures of this view, but it's so pretty, every single day! It was so purpley today.

Oliver will do literally anything to get a little sunlight.  It was so awkward watching him trying to balance on the arm rest and finally lay down.  He was so wobbly! Life is tough.

For my last item today, allow me to present Beth's brand spankin' new blog! Taa daaaa!!!  Beth is soooo funny & has the best attitude about life! I just love her.
Her latest post was about the random songs that you wake up singing, which I can definitely relate to.  And Marie knows that I've woken up singing this song way too many times.  Today I had a song from the Dangerous Minds Soundtrack in my head & the first thing I did when I opened my eyes was google the lyrics to find the song.  I listened to it all the way to & from the park.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Carry On!

Emily, Natalia & I went to Carry On, a Ballet with music by Colorado folk band, Paper Bird.

image via

We had great seats right in front of the band.  They play such a variety of instruments and use them in such interesting ways! I'm still trying to figure out what one instrument was.  It was some type of percussion, but it had keys that played different notes.  It reminded me of my dad's old label maker, but it also resembled a gourd, so Natalia named it the Gourdy Pluck. Good enough.

I loved their music (and I want suspenders) & I can't wait to hear the rest of their music.  They're playing a show in April, so we're excited to see them soon!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Day Trip to Kari's

I'm going to be out of town for a week in March, so Kari offered to watch Oliver during that time! I wanted him to meet her & get used to the house and cats...just to make sure it would work.  Kari's staying in a beautiful house in the mountains, so we made it a little day trip!  Being out of the city made me miss living on the farm - unlimited space, no traffic, quiet, not having to leash Oli...the list goes on and on.
We watched Love Potion No. 9, ate chocolate covered strawberries + a lot of candy, took a long walk and ended the day with supper at Hog Heaven.
I think Oliver is going to have the perfect week with his new BFFs, Kari & Buck + the doggies!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Canvas & Cocktails

I am really the worst person to get surprised.  I love love love surprises, but I'm a guesser and impatient!!
So when Beth told me to leave Sunday morning open for a surprise, I lost it.
I drove her crazy by guessing and asking for hints!!Her main hint was that I should wear something I wouldn't mind getting dirty. I was 100% positive we were going XC skiing or snowshoeing, so Beth let me believe that, and told me to have my snowpants ready.

Beth came over & I made us pancakes..yummmm..and I was wearing crummy sweats (that I would XC ski in) so without giving too much away, she told me to look a little cuter...and no, we wouldn't be outside all day.
I was expecting a 2 hour drive to the mountains, but we ended up in Cherry Creek (at this point I had to close my eyes) at Canvas & Cocktails for their Mimosa Morning!
It was sooo much fun!  I think the Mimosa's were key in our success!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Amos Lee!!

Saturday night, Beth & I drove to Boulder for the Amos Lee concert.  He had an opening act, but I'm not even going to go there, because it was just so awful. 
I've seen him 4 other times (Fargo, Minneapolis, Denver & Boulder) and he's always been super quiet and reserved, but this time, he was so much more fun!
Beth & I had bought 2 giant suckers and forgotten about them, so we had those...and wine while enjoying the show.  Amos is SO dreamy!
This is my favorite song from his new album:

And some of my old favorites:

Friday, February 4, 2011

Beth gets bored at work

It doesn't take much to entertain me, but Beth sent me these two pictures that have made my week!!

By now, everyone's seen this adorable.  From that video, I watched this one and I may have mentioned to Beth how I could identify with the little, annoying sister.

And then I get this from Beth today. I cannot even look at this without snorting. I just can't!

Here's another one of our favorite videos.  There was a lot of hype surrounding my first trip on a rollercoaster, so we'd watch this often.

Exhibit B

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Armindle the Kindle

I've had my Kindle since October and I've been finding new reasons to love it all the time!  I recently downloaded two nerd games, Shuffled Row, a word puzzle game & Brain Bump, a sort of lame literature quiz.
I started the Millenium Series ages ago and totally lost interest, but it's getting interesting again, so I'm going to try to plug through - I'm over half done!
Since meeting Junot Díaz last spring at the ALA conference & hearing him speak, I've been wanting to read both his short story collection, Drown & his novel, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao.  I downloaded a sample of Oscar Wao, so that's next on my reading list.
I've been bringing my Kindle to the gym everyday and I feel so happy to be multitasking!  Increasing the font size helps, but it's hard to jog + read, so I usually stick to ellptical or bike when reading.  It's especially nice, because all the gym tv's are set to sports channels.