Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Long Weekend

 On Friday, I went skating with Kari & a few of her friends up in Arvada.  I think I'm getting obsessed!

On Saturday, I met Nicole + Wyatt for lunch.  I'm bummed I didn't get a photo, because he is seriously too adorable & he didn't cry at all. He did glare/scowl at me though.
Later, I went with Marie to the mall and didn't buy a single thing.  I think that's worth documenting!

On Sunday, I met Emily + Sally at the dog park. It was sooooooooo muddy!  When we were done, I stood outside the car with Oliver for a few seconds, because I really didn't want him to get in, but I could think of any other option.  Thank goodness for leather seats!

 Last night, Beth invited me over for Thai Basil and the Bachelor.  She wasn't exactly in top form, but we had a fun night anyway. She was so so hungover.  And I kept calling her a frat boy, because of her hangover and frat boy beer t-shirt.
Isn't her cowl so cute?  She's going to start a baby blanket, so I'm going to teach her how to do the purl stitch one of these days.
I finished two of the largest-sized squares for my blanket, so that's exciting.  I'd rather do all large squares, because I really hate starting them.


  1. My car seat looks like that too! I had to throw Sally over to the passenger side so that I can still sit in the driver side, without looking like I just canme from mud wrestling. I have cloth seats...Looks like it's time for a detailing.

  2. That's the absolute perfect description..It looks like I brought a mud wrestler home! Hahaha